Attacking Suspect Players in Hi-Sec

If I attack a player that has gone suspect in high-sec and kill them what risk am I exposing myself to? Is their corp able to attack me? I know that they will get limited engagement timer with me, do they get a kill right after I kill them?

I ask because I’m boating around in a 2bil rattlesnake and I just popped some guys noctis while he was suspect. (made like 60 mil from his wreck lol) I want to know if I’m safe to get back out there after the engagement timer runs out.



Killright is only granted against illegal aggression, shooting suspects is legal aggression. You specifically mentioned to disregard limited engagement so that is no issue either, no long term consequence once that timer is up. Their corp or even them can only go after you if they suicide you or if they can bait you somehow (or kill you when you are in a different ship under the same conditions). You should be as safe as before once the limited engagement runs out, but to be accurate you are never safe when undocked as this is EVE Online. :wink:


Awesome, thanks for the quick response. Just want to be extra careful getting into shenanigans in hi-sec.

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. . . once the limited engagement runs out . . .

Read this carefully. A lot can happen while that timer is going.

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