Who is allowed to attack me after attacking a suspect in HighSec?

If I attack a suspect marked player in high sec, this play is allowed to shoot back without concord interaction. So far everything is clear. But are there other player that are also allowed to shoot at me in that situation? Players from his fleet, his corp, whatever?

Nope, at least not legally (suicide ganks are always possible). If you attack a suspect, both players get a 5min limited engagement, it’s between those two. However, the suspect player can trick you by getting reps from neutral logistic ships. Those get suspect too, but can stay out of your reach and you likely die before you can harm them. Another option is, that the suspect doesn’t respond with attacking you, but warps/dock, changes ship and engage you with something more capable.

EDIT: In short, 95% of people flying around suspect in highsec know what they are doing and want you to attack, because they know how to kill you.


As Tipa said, Not legally, no.

You are ‘the good guy’ in this situation and anyone else who fires at you gets Concorded.

I see this slightly differently, at least based on my experience in Jita.

80% of the people who undock Suspect at Jita are demolished within seconds by the waiting pack of Suspect farmers. I will never understand what these people are doing undocking Suspect in the first place.

10% of the people who go Suspect are Kill Right farmers. They sit outside Jita with a Kill Right placed on them by their own alt and wait for someone to pay anything from 5 million to 2 billion to activate the Kill Right. Suddenly the Orca that’s been parked outside Jita for the last 2 hours goes Suspect, cue waiting pack of Suspect farmers.

Then I’d say the remaining 10% are the ones who know what they are doing, have a trick up their sleeve, bait you in a Frigate, dock and come out again in a Battleship and so on.

The real trick is telling them apart.


Numbers are slightly different at Dodixie though. 95% of them are indeed the people who know what they are doing, pretending to be a Suspect being attacked, hoping someone else will join in the ‘fight’. Know who they are, could name them all.

The other 5% are the ones who loot the yellow bait containers left outside Dodixie undock.

Baiters become painfully obvious after a while and you soon learn to spot them a mile away if you are paying attention.

I am looking at using my alpha to attack players (not ganking), but finding them, that’s been bit hard, also catching them, guess I’ll keep trying tho.

Use combat scanner probes to catch mission runners.

  • Assault frigs are even more lethal than they were before the update and you can drop 300dps while having temporary 30k EHP in a wolf.

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