No Concord in High Sec?

A friend has brought me back into Eve after I’ve been away for about 3 years… They were carebearing in high sec when another player undocked and attacked the Orca they were flying. They got a suspect flag, but Concord never showed up… This was in a .6 system.

When did this change? I thought any hostile actions taken against a non-war target got you Concordokken’d?

We would need to know more specifics- because CONCORD “should” have shown up to destroy the attacking ship.

There’s about 4 reasons I can think of on why CONCORD didn’t show up- but the most common reason is-
…if the attacker had a suspect timer, and you attack that person, they can then attack you back without CONCORD showing up. You should generally never attack someone with a suspect timer because 95% of the time, they will know exactly what they are doing, and are confident that they can beat you in a fight.


Also, you don’t know how much time is left on the timer.
If you don’t kill them in time, when it goes off then YOU are the criminal.

Not much to say for “specifics”… They were out mining in a .6 system, the Orca returned to station and turned off the mining command burst mods and was waiting for their timer to allow them to dock. The player attacked the Orca, getting a suspect flag, Concord never showed nor station guns fired. The attacking player docked, then came out in one of the Trig Battlecruiser and proceeded to fire on the Orca with that weapon…

Was the orca part of a corp or alliance at war with the attacker?

See original post…

There is no situation where a player attacks another player legally and goes suspect.
There’s also no situation where a player attacks another player illegally and only goes suspect.

However, there are situations where a player loots a can or attacks something like a mobile tractor unit and goes suspect.

Are you 100% certain that the other guy attacked your friend, or is it possible that he did something to go suspect, hoping your friend would attack him, so he could then attack your friend.

EDIT: Please tell me this someone was Adrian Vexior. This will really tilt conspiracy theories if so,


He did attack the mobile tractor unit on the mining belt. That’s how he got suspect, you mentioning it reminded me of that.

Then followed the Orca back to the station. Came back out in the battlecruiser and started attacking the Orca.

No, their name is Nilan Dark.

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No, this is incorrect. If you shoot a suspect it creates a Limited Engagement timer that allows you to freely engage each other without interference from Concord. All Limited Engagements are active for 5 minutes and the timer will reset if combat occurs within that time. It is impossible to get Concordokken from shooting a suspect if your safety is set to yellow or green.


no. You both will get a limited engagement timer. Moreover, your safety will prevent you from doing anything that can get you concorded. And if you find an exception to this, you should report it to CCP and your CSM’s.

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I’m pretty sure this happened to me back when I was “younger” in the game.

I attacked a suspect outside a station, a shortly there after their timer went off and I was attacked by other ships.

Don’t recall any other details, it was early in my EVE career.

So the Orca must have also attacked him with a drone or something after he went suspect, in order for there to then be a limited engagement.

Concord does not blow up ships for getting suspect flags, only for getting criminal flags (activating offensive modules on a ship that is not a suspect, war target, and that you don’t have a limited engagement timer with). So, for example, you would get concorded for suicide ganking someone. You would not, however, for stealing from a wreck or killing an MTU.

Anyway, what usually happens in cases like this is not a bug, but that the victim didn’t fully understand the mechanics, or what had happened. In this case, the guy likely picked up a suspect timer somewhere, which opened him up to be agressed by other players. Then the orca attacked him, which created a limited engagement timer, which allowed him to attack back. So, just to clarify, you are free to engage suspects, but they are allowed to fight back!

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Well, I do know that all the crimewatch stuff changed at one point. So, things could have been different back in the day. Dunno.

I’ll check with the Orca pilot again, but as far as he’s aware, he did not actively engage the pilot after he attacked the mobile tractor unit. He scooped the MTU and headed back to station, since the Orca was full.

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Is it possible the Orca pilot had combat drones out set to aggressive? If so, they may have plinked the player for him, allowing the suspect baiting trick to get him the kill.

Shouldn’t be the case anymore. When the MTU was first introduced, this was a way that baiters got many kills, because aggressive drones attacked them when they shot an MTU.

CCP changed it so aggressive drones don’t automatically engage someone that goes suspect shooting an MTU, which solved the issue.

So that shouldn’t be the cause, however it’s certainly possible that a bug is allowing it again.


While a bug is of course possible, I think it’s more likely this was a player error.

I’ve accidentally attacked fleet members, gates and other targets before. It’s a good thing I don’t live in high sec or I would have lost many ships unintentionally to CONCORD.

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Yeah, that’s the most likely by far. Most likely he sent one of his drones to attack the baiter, so there was a limited engagement before the baiter flew back to station to switch ships.

The fortunate thing was the OPs friend also flew back to station, so was able to dock, rather than staying in the belt, where he would have been tackled.

One thing i didn’t see mentioned, is kill rights.

If your friend hasn’t always been a care bear and may have podded another player that other player would have been given some form of kill rights. Then the player could share those kill rights with others in their organization.

(I could be way off on how kill rights work here, this is just my understanding of the mechanic)