No Concord in High Sec?

His friend would have been the one to go suspect in that situation, not the other guy.

Had a discussion, he did set drones on the guy when they were sitting outside the station… :facepalm:


So that’s why no CONCORD.

Sequence of events:

  1. baiter came to belt and shot the MTU - went suspect
  2. baiter warped to station as did your friend
  3. assumption - your friend was boosting prior to warping off, so had a 60 s timer before docking
  4. guy undocked and your friend put drones on him
  5. limited engagement timer created - legal for both players to shoot each other
  6. other guy started shooting your friend legally
  7. friend pulled drones, waited out timer and docked

So no CONCORD in that sequence of events.

When someone comes into a belt and shoots an MTU, it’s always a good bet that they are prodding for a response. It was lucky for your friend that he warped off to station and didn’t stay in the belt. If he had, he would have died.

Maybe, maybe not. There were 4 others of us there. I was already in a PvP combat ship (T3 Dessy) (which did end up dying because I’m rusty [haven’t played in over 3 years])…

Now I’m moving more PvP ships over, since I’m no longer living in W-Space…

i’d say 99% of the time

who is Adrian Vexior and why would he tilt conspiracy theories?
also how did you make your text small?

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Off topic, but fun read:

then the response:

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Sounds like suspect baiter vs limited engagement timer.
But hard to say need more details.

Adrian is a dev and a nasty cheater.

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Hey she’s alive LOL. She must like search for his name on the forums LOL.

Man. No one ever falls for my bait :frowning:

no, not really. it’s just that an idiot linked two of my posts and I got a notification

This is wrong. If the suspect timer ends your limited engagement timer will allow you to keep fighting until the limited engagement timer ends. (It resets with every hostile action)


Yeah, if you can‘t kill a suspect within the max. 15min of timer, you are on your own, it‘s effectively a 1:1 duel afterwards. Nobody else can intervene without Concord showing up unless having fired a shot before the timer ran out. To get into this favorable position is one of the arts of suspect baiting.

attacking a suspect gives you LE so concord isn’t going to show up just because their suspect timer ends

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You already got wtfpwned in that thread and everyone explained to you clearly the mechanics he used, which are within the TOS and game rules.

Every time I see a dude with 5.1 I think of you LOL. And I’ve seen like 15 people since then who have it so it ain’t that hard.

Just learn to EVE.


Surpised he dared attack the Orca with his battleship seeing your dessy