Setting the record straight - by Adrian Vexier

Greetings fellow capsuleers,

It has come to my attention that my in-game actions have caused deep grievances and also arouse suspicions among certain players. In the spirit of friendship and transparency, I would like to address these suspicions.

With regard to the 3.720 m/s bumping Macharial – this is not at all something special. I will be overly revealing and say that I use an abyssal 500MN Microwarp Drive and two or three Overdrive Injectors II. I don’t even use snake implants to fly it. As other people pointed out, a full-speed Machariel fit can do over 4.000 m/s. As to the constant and continuous bumping – I only overheat during the final cycle or two before the bump, then stop the overheat. With Thermodynamics skill 5, that lasts quite a while until the module burns out.

Concerning the fabled “teleport” kill, and may I say that took me by surprise too and had to think about it for a few moments. Luckily I remember that game session. Here is what happened: I was in the null-sec system with the besieged faction fortizar. I shot it about 10 minutes before I estimated it would be destroyed. I waited about 50 seconds then began warping to an NPC station in Querious where I had my null-sec “base of operations”. I must have been there within 5 or 6 minutes. Then I clone-jumped or self-destructed to my home base, I can’t remember exactly and boarded my Stratios with the intend on heading to somewhere I thought at the time that there will be some PvP action – a high-sec structure Hull timer siege. As I undocked, warped to the gate and exiting warp near the gate, I saw a suspect Heron looking a wreck. I stopped my ship before jumping, pointed and drew drones on the Heron. It exploded, then I had time to catch the pod too. I convo’d the pilot asking what he was doing or trying to ransom him, then destroyed the pod too. As fate would have it, the Heron got destroyed first, then the null-sec fortizar got destroyed, then the pod, this creating the illusion that I was in high-sec, then in the same minute in null, 40-something jumps away, then 2 minutes later back 40 jumps in high-sec.

The Nereus kills: dear people, just fit a Nereus with a T2 blaster and some T2 drones and test it against an Orca or Gila or whatever on this very interesting thing CCP has put at our disposal, called the “Test Server”. I even went as far as to get one of those Nereuses killed today so you have a fresh example directly on my killboard. Also, you can actually find most of my fights, bait part included on my youtube channel:

The frigate on Astrahus kill: that was a fitted but undefended Astrahus. I shot it with a battleship, then switched to the frigate when it had 1% left. Simple as that, as multiple people already pointed out. And yes, a polarized and full DPS fit Daredevil can generate enough DPS to even pause the repair timer.

As to the ganking: No. Just no. I’ll be succinct and to the point: suspect baiting, kill-right activation and sometimes even catching other miners stealing.

Evading CONCORD: Again – no. And on top of that, I don’t gank. If concord arrives at one of my fights, it’s only to take pictures and notes and maybe ask for an autograph after the fight.

Now for the 5.1 positive security standing: I myself don’t know how I got that. I had 5.0 standing for a long time, then one day I noticed I had 5.1. I do not know how, when and why it happened. I, myself would like to know. I read some of other players theories, it may have been that I juggled between 5.0 and 4.9 because of Low-Sec fights, then when doing a mission with a big increase the game maybe glitched and didn’t cap the security gain at 5.0.
One thing I think may have happened is that I sometimes suspect bait people running missions or rat sites and those people engage me and we fight. During the fight, the NPC rats are still there and sometimes the aggress me and sometimes the damage is concerningly high so I have to keep the player pointed and kill several rats. Maybe I did so against a player that had below 5.0 security status, while I had 5.0 and because we were engaged in combat, when I killed several of his mission rats, the game must have somehow applied reward mechanics of fleet and since he got a security increased, I was also given me a “forced” security increase. It seems far-fetched, but I don’t know of anything else. I haven’t trained the social skill to a higher level since having 5.0, I never killed a Null-Sec Officer spawn and I certainly wasn’t around when the CONCORD agents were available. I am at a loss to explain this occurrence.

I hope these explanations were satisfactory and I sincerely apologize if I went too far PvP’ing some of you in-game. I never intended to make other people “live in a constant state of fear”.


Cue the Thanos meme.

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Here’s the original thread.

No P2W


I remember encountering you in Arraron and I still think the Rudokop disposals are your best work. I love seeing Nereus kills - keep it up.

Thanks for the explanation. As someone who hasn’t done any of that stuff, it was an interesting read. Plus, all that salt generated in that other thread makes me want to send you some isk for the entertainment.



What A Guy!


That other thread should have been locked after the first post, despite its entertainment value.

It’s very courteous of you to explain the things you do, but never apologize for PvP’ing in our beloved, rough PvP game !

Beware the tyranny of the weak. They just suck you dry.
Anthony Hopkins


inb4 the old capsuleers start yelling at clouds:

“Exactly what a cheater hacker GM power abusing person would write a wall of lies and made up stories as excuses to cover up for all the cheating.”

:smiling_imp: :popcorn:

Because the thing is people explained these things in the other thread beyond necessity and the OP of that thread still insisted none of that is possible and the only explanation is cheating. So aside of the obvious intent of that other thread and its OP this one is just as fruitless as people who think someone cheats will not be convinced otherwise no matter the evidence.

There is a reason since FPS games exists sore losers call people who outperform them hackers as they are unwilling to face the reality they were outplayed in a vid’ya game.

And similarly since the beginning bad sports just call their competition cheaters when they outperform them, such is their excuse instead of improving and accepting the reality of things, a coping mechanism of their choice.

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Fair points.

Well, we’ll see if the author of the other thread will show similar courtesy and at least acknowledge the explanation. I wouldn’t go as far as expecting some token apology for sowing doubts on the honesty of Adrian Vexier, but one never knows, eh.


Apologizing for pvp ?


No, no, and no.

These are actual people. Consequently, the crimes committed are REAL crimes. When people are building and creating and earning, it’s theft to just steal from them. You know that’s the truth! It’s not right, and just because CCP allows it, that doesn’t make it ok! They are complicit in CRIME. When you attack and terrorize people in-game, you are doing it in REAL LIFE. That’s criminal assault.

PvPers in this game have a SICKNESS. This game attracts individuals with pre-existing conditions of SOCIOPATHY, PSYCHOPATHY, AND NARCISSISM. The virtues of a moral upbringing, are replaced in EVE with the glorification of EVIL. Young men and woman are led astray, rejecting their TRUE and ETERNAL heritage in favor of a vile cybernetic blood cult. We teach new players that it is ok to kill another, to steal from them, to rejoice in the misery and pain of the innocent. It is an outrage, and I pray for those who commit evil, but I cannot and I WILL NOT forgive the FORCES OF DARKNESS.


Do what now?

I fully agree with you. Now lets go gank some miners

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only a few days after i made my post EXPOSING this fraud and the post was force closed, a video or a “player” using the exact methods I described is posted online and redditt is flaming over it -
hint: look who posted the video and who made the reddit post. coincidence? THINK AGAIN!


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I have to admit that I wasn’t helpful in that thread. While my advice about panic was sound, she was already doing it, but poorly. The deer in the headlights problem maybe.
I’m also not sure I was trying to help so much as give her another push to see how shrill things got. They got more shrill but I don’t know if I had anything to do with it.
Actually I’m fairly positive after reading all the explanations of how all that stuff was possible I was getting irritated that she refused to learn and maybe I got a little bit trollish… Or maybe a lot.


Your thread was closed because you were being unnecessarily rude and insulting to anyone who gave you an answer you didn’t like.

Second, “exact methods” is a bold faced lie. Not only did Adrian not do anything that any other player could do, but an explanation of all of it has been provided to you. If you weren’t being blinded by motivated reasoning, you could understand and even replicate what he’s done.

Now, I can understand that he’s a thorn in your side that you might want removed. However, making false accusations (that you should know is misinformation), insulting those who dare to explain things to you, and generally sitting around complaining isn’t going to achieve that end. So, I would suggest that you either start brainstorming possible solutions, or that you ask real ■■■■■■■ nicely for some advice from the community.

And not for nothing, but who’s the real bad guy here? One guy engages in competitive play in a game built for cooperative AND competitive play, but is always polite and courteous. The other engages in cooperative play, but is insulting and aggressive to most of the people he interacts with. Well, I’ll give you a hint -it’s you. You are a sore loser. If anyone is making this game worse for other players it’s you. In fact, you’re even making the game worse for you, because your current “solution” isn’t going to fix your Adrian problem or relieve your frustration.

And I know that you haven’t taken things this far, but while we’re on the subject -I think that it’s a crime that Adrian has to ask for people to keep things in game in his bio. It suggests that he’s had to deal with some truly unacceptable behavior from some seriously sore losers.

Meh. Like you are going to listen to anything I say or do any self-examination.
No P2W

Oh, and for anyone who is interested, CCP Convict left a reply explaining the GM Icecream shenanigans. I personally found his answer unsatisfying, but I do appreciate that they at least had the decency to respond to our concerns (instead of just ignoring us). Anyway, here’s the link.


Not unexpectedly you dig your heels in with more unrelated arguments. I can’t prevent you from looking bad, not after all the explanations you received, only you can do that now.
Unsubstantiated - and in this case already refuted - accusations make people irritated at the very least, because it is against any sense of fairplay - yes, even in EvE…

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seriously? I was insulting??? when did I ever insult anyone? and I mean a real insult, not stating the facts that you find insulting. when did I ever call anyone a name or something like that? you should check before falsely accusing people!

the problem here is he did anything and EVERYTHING! i could have understood one impossible feat or two, but he did many and repeated them. plus see the reddit post of that gm that got caught in a titan and disappeared in front of the players. see who made that post. and see the name of the youtube channel it is posted on. I’ll give you a hint - it’s vexier! now if you think that is just coincidence, then you are 100% in denial!

you meant cheating play

don’t worry about us, we have already decided to move. and by move i mean we are looking at some nice wormhole candidates. if he is just a regular player than i doubt he will follow and attack us there. if he uses cheats, then that would make it obvious. since in a wormhole no rules apply and we could all just shoot at him.

yes, i found that reply unsatisfying too. looks like he just made it to cover for his work mate. makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

you try recruiting new players and teaching them about game mechanics only to see another ship come on grid and defy those very mechanics. then try explaining to the new players what happened. see how you feel about it when you can’t! it’s players like this and a handful of others that break the game and are the reason the new player retention is so low. new players log in, play the game and then just get rolled over by a wardog like adrien or bob painter or jason kusion and then just quit!
we want to build upon solid foundations and we want eve to grow in numbers. it seems some people just want to see it burn for a little bit of fun…