Setting the record strainght - Addressing the Hateless drama

Greetings fellow capsuleers,

It has come to my attention that one of my recent EVE: Online gaming sessions has caused some drama in the community. Namely my interaction with in-game player @HateLesS and his fleet of 12 alt accounts, which took place yesterday – 2022.08.30, in the system of Reisen, during approximately 19:00 – 20:00 EVE time.

He was mining with his Orca and a company of Hulks and my gameplay consisted of bumping his Orca with my Machariel. That is it. No ganking, no stealing, nothing else but bumping. At one point, I sent him an EVE-mail, as seen in the screenshot below.
Hateless Harrassment - 2022.08.30-03

During this, he didn’t do anything notable to counter me. He didn’t orbit his Orca, he didn’t save bookmarks on grid to warp to and back, he didn’t fit his Orca to make it difficult to bump. He just sat there passively and warped his Orca to a station and back on grid.

After about an hour of this, he decided to stop his mining activity and move his drones several systems out. I gave chase to his drones. Once arrived at his system, he docked them and didn’t undock back. That was the end of the interaction for me. I was to find out later that while he was streaming, he actually called out for me on stream, saying that he knew I was watching, which I was actually not and that he would report me and get me banned if I followed him. He also stated at the end of his stream that he will be filing a report.

Now, for those who know about me, I fly about 20 Omega accounts, 12 of which are gankers. The reason I only flew one account yesterday and didn’t even attempt anything more than bumping, was because I wasn’t at my gaming rig and was in fact playing through a very bad internet connection, which couldn’t support live playback of his stream. So his assumption that I was watching him was actually wrong, but nevertheless, this is just a context detail and it is actually a shame that I wasn’t watching it, because I would have most probably left him be when he directly addressed me on stream and told me “You’ve accomplished your grieving, I’m going somewhere else, congratulations!”, but for Hateless’s sake, let’s assume that I was actually watching his stream the whole time.

During the bumping interaction, he never tried to contact me, to get me to stop. He didn’t even respond to my eve-mail. He never tried any counter-bumping maneuvers. And at the end of his stream, he threatened with getting me banned. Furthermore, he later posted a video stating that he has been harassed and grieved, obviously alluding to me, saying that it was the straw that broke the camel’s back and states that that he is getting harassed all day – timestamp 02:20. This is false, I interacted with him once before, on the 15’th of August 2022, when I ganked his alt: Venture | InvasionLesS | Killmail | zKillboard and Capsule | InvasionLesS | Killmail | zKillboard . Between the 15’th of August and the 30’th there are 15 days so I don’t see how two interactions more than two weeks apart even remotely counts as “harassed all day”.
This is the message I sent him after destroying his ship and pod:
Hateless Harrassment - 2022.08.30-08

Here is his “Straw that broke the camel’s back” video:

In the same video, he also states that he received 7 mails saying that someone (alluding to me) is going to kill him – see time stamp 02:48. This is absolutely false. I never threatened nor alluded nor implied killing him. If I have ever done so, I give him and CCP full permission and also urge him/ CCP to publish said emails. Such a transgression on my part would surely and swiftly resolve any and all harassment issues from me in the future, as I would surely be banned. But if he hasn’t received such emails from me, and he hasn’t, than it is clear that he is knowingly and willingly trying to imply a falsity in a malicious attempt to draw attention and sympathy to himself.

I consider this to be childish behavior and an unbecoming attitude. Not only does he show lack of respect to the player-base by setting a bad example – not even trying to counter-play me and trying to get me banned, but also showing a crass lack of respect to the CCP GM team by expecting them to ban me and attempting to emotionally blackmail them by saying he won’t stream until something is done about it. He is also outright ill-intended with his foolish attempt to imply that I’ve sent him death threats. I could and probably should report him for doing so, as he is an EVE Stream Partner and he has done so while addressing the EVE community – see EVE ToS – point 1 - butI won’t do so, because I don’t go running to CCP when something doesn’t suit me.
I see this as weak attempt on his part to use his EVE Partner status and community influence in order to obtain an undeserved advantage and get a free pass in-game with minimal to no effort. He obviously wants to be able to do whatever he wants in-game and he wasn’t willing to do anything at all with any of his 12 characters to counter the playstyle of one single characters. Instead he goes on a baby-rant on twitch and youtube going so far as to allude to false accusations and resorting to emotional black-mail on CCP to punish me and change the game so it would suit his wishes. I may be wrong, but I don’t think that is acceptable in any gaming community.

In conclusion, I would like to state and ask the following:
1.) To Hateless: I give you permission and ask you to publicly share screenshots/ videos of the 7 emails I sent threatening you, as you clearly alluded to me doing in your “Straw that broke the camel’s back” video at 02:48. If such emails don’t exist, and we both know they don’t, don’t we?.. then I demand that you make a recant and apology video, admitting you made that false accusation and apologize to me and especially the EVE community for willingly and knowingly trying to induce us in error.

2.) To any CCP and or GM member: I fully give you the permission and ask you to review all interactions I’ve had with this Hateless individual, notify me of any wrongdoing that I may have perpetrated, publish/ share any inappropriate message I have sent him and take any punitive actions deemed necessary against me if that is the case.

3.) To the eve community: pass any information you see and hear through the filter of your own consciousness, due your due diligence by checking it out, hear both sides of the story and try not to pamper to whiny cry-babies having a hissy fit.

Thank you for your consideration,

Adrian Vexier – Don’t fly safe, fly dangerous!


I love that fact that you have now multiple times had to come to the forum and explain your actions because people are so upset when you play the game within the limits as it’s designed. You know you have to be doing something right.


It is somewhat funny, but also worrisome.


Streamers, not just EVE streamers, but streamers in general are so quick to jump to the “they must be stream sniping”. Relax! You’re not that big a deal.


Indeed. Some streamers think that proof is optional when making such accusations.

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He sure hates ganking a lot for somebody called Hateless.


Agree 100%.

CCP gives Hateless free perks and benefits, which he should appreciate, instead of whining and crying and demanding more handouts.

I wish I could get those dank Partner benefits!


While twitch has a rule and so do most games have a rule against stream sniping, those do not count towards eve


EVE is not a game I’d choose to stream LOL.

Opsec man.


Could be a nice setup for a trap though… if the streamer is smart and has actual friends to work with. :wink:

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Oh of course.

But sadly that type of meta gaming is shrinking because people aren’t as creative anymore.


Oh Highsec you so silly.

I’ve never seen a more egregious example of griefing in my entire time in EVE Online.

I hope that you’re banned without delay, and without appeal. I spit on you, scumbag.



Which is why I try to keep the meta game as little as possible these days. people have become way to sensitive about things. Now and again I will cause some sort of drama in game just to spice up EVE a little and create some content. But that is fast going away. The last drama I caused riled people so up 8 people were banned. The mails I have is horrid and all I did was shoot people.

I am actually thinking of just going back to null and sit in Doril and pop people coming through the low/high sec pipe. Atleast this time I don’t need to worry about an ibis lighting a cyno.


Two Types:

:muscle:: it’s a tough, hard world. I gotta stand up, I gotta be strong and adapt to changing circumstances.

:sob:: it’s a tough, hard world. This is unfair! Someone should change things to suit my unique preferences and circumstances. If you disagree you’re harming me.


This is surely a joke…

Thought you was on holiday

No don’t do that, what would high sec be like without you

Coach subway did this once with cloaked logi alts and cloaked pvp chars. It was actually effective and pretty funny. Credit where credits is due.

Whining about griefing when it’s just some extra unwanted velocity courtesy of machariel airways is a bad look in comparison to any actual serious harassment that goes on and should be punished.

I’ve been on the receiving end of worse bumping/awoxing than what Hateless alleges and it’s amazing how quickly it goes away when you keep quiet and improve your tactics to counter them instead of bitching :person_shrugging:

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There’s very little in the game that doesn’t have a hard counter. Except caps. The solution there is just more caps. Caps r ghey

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