Setting the record strainght - Addressing the Hateless drama

I guess that streamer is not really into (space) bowling. :upside_down_face:

I’ve stream sniped you before, we bumped you off a station almost got you but you docked back up just in time, you seemed to panic a bit but enjoyed it after. :hugs:

I have no idea what happened to this man, because really if you have 12 or more accounts you clearly are spacerich in EVE and should have more than enough experience to deal with these situations. Its not like a Newbie has been ganked 5 times in a row in his Venture until he quits…

I mean, especially these situations he could have used as educational content for his viewers? Yes, people will bump your Orcas or mining ships, here is how to deal with it… Yes, people will mock you in mails or in local, here are some tips how to react… All better entertainment than showing live(!!!) how to melt ice blocks in space with 12 identically fitted alts (Thats so boring, it could be seen as anti-advertising for EvE Online…).


You could say the “griefer” Adrian has done a service then.

:smirk: :smirk: :innocent:

Haha griefing Adrian and look at the people who support this post .

It a who’s who of the dark side of eve, stop pretended to be snowflakes it’s unbecoming. I want to hunt Monsters

Ok fine.

I am here to grief and harass the miners, destroying their very souls in the process, and I will stop at nothing until my evil transcends spacetime and destroys your puny Earthling planet as well. You will all burn in the wrath of the neutrons.


That’s better

@Aiko_Danuja @Githany_Red Despite this fake competition showcase between you two, we all know you’re really like this:



Stop it, my corp mates believe it already :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I don’t even like Aiko.

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Still a better love story than Twilight.


Best place to start looking is in the mirror.

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And CCP is promoting that and supporting such player.

Anyone telling or showing ppls that multiboxing 12+ accounts is the way to play this game is the actual griefer here.

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If you are playing 12 accounts simultaneously, it seems reasonable that you are likely to encounter 12 times as much grief.


Why else would you bump? lmao

Why would you even think that

I’m a student of history.

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@Adrian_Vexier great threat and great response, we can clearly see you are on the right side of this and Hateless is not!

Did you see this part of his stream?
Continuing the discussion from Streamer stops due to grief:

Well… what kind of player is that?

This is why he did nothing, no bookmarks, no pings, no orbit, didn’t bring gankers to gank you, he did nothing, he just sat and cried.


…wants to know if Level V Drama and the subsequent Advanced Drama, Level 1 to V is available at Jita.