Training videos v pirate blogs

Eves friend HateLesS made a video on YouTube about how to survive a gank why doing pve , very well informed video , well done .

Eve’s Pirate Queen writes in her blog about it saying many anti-hateless things and then this at the end

        Ultimately, despite his claims, HateleSS offered no evidence that gankers are evil bullies, nor did he demonstrate that ganking is over-powered.


So point one ,no one ever has too offer evidence of grieffing or bullies within the ganking community, as many victim knows it’s there day in day out . In Eve’s history it’s there .
Saying that in my fight I have met many nice ganker , it seems the first contact always seems heated on both sides , but it’s there just ask coachsubway .

As to the overpowered aspects of ganking , if players don’t do anything to fight them ,it can seem overpowered but you can do stuff to hinder them . We are always trying out stuff.

So HateLesS made some good points and never attacked anyone, where as Aiko’s stance was as always to ridicule his words and actions.

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I like you Githany but you know theyll close this thread, right?

Welcome to slap fight :popcorn:

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Also, this man should never ever be used as an example of anything but ridiculously obvious advertising dressed as “entertainment”.

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Why close it , Aiko uses a blog to but her points across and it’s closed and one sided, this is open forum we all can chat about a video someone made about eve.

It’s a fact that ganking is game play like pve is ,it’s fact that many gankers are grieffers.

It’s a know thing( and this is all in game and no personal attacks) that gankers go out of their way to intimidate pilots from making a stand against them , to resist is hard but not futile, but you need to cover yourself .

Myself I love this side of Eve , using Eve’s mechanics to fight an enemy that in the end are very dangers and skillful at the art of Eve.
They are not simply killing new players and I’m sure it’s not easy .

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Because they will classify it as ranting or trolling because its not about the game directly but about a player in particular, would be my guess.


hmm…just a simple typo or a Freudian slip…hmm

Hey, don’t change the goal post. They are bullies, but are they evil bullies? :grin:

Ok. I have no interest in checking out what exactly the drama is with HateLesS&Aiko, but lets consider something a very common scenario:

Player A go and destroys Player B ship, then player B comes to the forum and say Player A(not his character, he makes it clear) is human scum with a psychological disorder. Who is bullying who?

PS: my alt was ganked today (and only then I noticed I was carelessly flying with 100m in an untanked tech 1 hauler. Oops!) and the only offensive think I will say about him is that he is a goon.


Can I have the KR please as long as it’s not under -5

No. You’d waste it killing his cheap ganking ship. That is not an acceptable revenge.

Revenge is dumb

What !! I don’t want revenge , I want to hunt someone with a KR on them , try and find them in a nice ship and kill them , it’s their problem they got a KR in the 1st place

Nah was just responding to the message above mine.

Ive no issue with you or your lot GR.

Youre doing stuff!

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Is not that what games are for? Do dumb things for fun?

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