Streamer stops due to grief

Hi aiko again you yourself have received death threats this is clearly an issue

thanks but no thanks as I said this is about harassment not hateless ^.^ pretty sure its up to CCP to decide if it needs closing

thanks for your input great talks

And I said


Maybe if EVE-O was harassless this thread would not exist. :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :dealwithitparrot:

This thread died when OP tipped his hand and suggested that any form ongoing competition or conflict in EVE was “targeted harassment”. It’s pretty clear what OP wants: risk free EVEing.

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Greetings nice people,
Thank you for the river of salt and fun read. But amusement aside, there are some serious issues regarding this matter. I’ve responded to it and pointed out the issues in this post:

Long story - short: @HateLesS tried to used his EVE PArtner status as a privilege and leverage to get me banned and he also tried to allude to me threatening him to emotionaly black-mail the GM team and to milk simpathy from the EVE: Online Community. I think this is appaling behavior and unbecoming attitude.


Any way, Hateless is part of a soft generation, used to saying that anything they don’t like is “harassment” and “threatening” and then Daddy comes to rescue them.


Okay but did you or did you not send him death threats or other harassing mails that some people claim he received (allegedly from you I guess)?

(Just to have a clear answer for future reference.)

But but this isnt about … Uh

Wait what day is it?


You still care what OP is saying? :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


Easy enough to prove.

Hi Adrian welcome — Ive actually kept as many details out of this thread as possible
if you feel like sharing on here feel free to use the thread as that link seems broken

though their is no Adrian hate train or hateless love train here its suppose to be about the core issues behind toxicity not hateless specific

True but so far nobody presented facts backing up the claims. So the next best thing is ask him and see what he says. If he denies the claims then the other side either presents evidence or are null and void what they say. :wink:

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If we are applying basic standards of modern law…

Adrian has no obligation to respond to the allegations. It is up to the accusers to provide evidence, and thus far no evidence has been provided.


Didn’t say anything about law just some basic common sense. They presented no evidence as I wrote but as he posted here worth asking. In case he would say “yes I’ve sent x y threats” then that is a direction for the discussion and if he denies sending threats then that also is a different direction. Because since hours nobody presented anything so this would be at least something.

Basically 390 posts so far and not a single factual thing just some accusations without any fact to back it up which is ridiculous. This should have been closed as trolling.


It would seem either CCP have not seen the thread yet or they dont mind us discussing toxicity
either way their was never going to be any evidence presented as this is not specific to any situation merely toxicity & harassment in or out of game

You will notice their are no names in the first post

I miss Serkanner

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The very title of the thread is Streamer stops due to grief so yeah it is about a specific situation.

Sure thing I will let them know by flagging the first post under “other” so an actual ISD receives a direct notification and see what happens.


Basic common sense says that there is no evidence Adrian was griefing or harassing Hateless. If you think otherwise, it’s your obligation to present the evidence.

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exactly its about why they stopped — they felt harassed so its a good reason to talk about toxicity no?
find out if others are experiencing similar issues which it turns out their is

Was he harassed or not isn’t the real question is our environment toxic

Go for it mate you wont be the first :wink: