Stream sniping in eve

For a long time in eve, sniping of streamers has been a thing undertaken by a certain group of players.

As HateLess pointed out in TIS there are reasons why sniping can’t be stopped in eve like other games. So we have it and like many things we don’t like we have to fight against it.

In the past we actively took part in anti-snipe activity, on occasion helping hateless protect against gankers why he run a stream with a large group of players, worked out very well and the gank failed.

Other times we had a spy report that gankers are trying to form up because one of them found a streamer, (was this not a, targeted attack?) we formed a fleet and set off to Interceptor, we actually in this case got to the streamer 1st and sent a warning both on his stream and in local.
He understandably got a bit spooked by us showing up but luckily he was ending his stream to go to work in about, we hung around until he logged,

And need I say more about coach subway,

We try and help when we can sometimes without the streamer knowing as it’s part of our game okay to hunt gankers but it happens a lot, Aiko’s activity has been documented by herself many times and her blog trying to defend her cohorts is just fabrication and distortion of events.
If HateLess stops streaming it will be a loss for eve as a whole and leaves, the same can’t be said for the perpetrators.

Long live the resistance

Ps well done to Talking in Stations for giving us a ganker story one week them an alternative play style that’s affected by them the next.

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No it won’t You’re absolutely delusional. What little impact he did have on the community was all through negative PR and incitement of uninformed players.


I wonder if this thread will deliver… and if it will end up being locked (and how soon if it will). :thinking:


I suppose it was if you heard in their chat that they are going to gank him specifically. And so what? I am personally targetting several players for other reasons and I am trying to hunt them all over the EVE (within a limits), how is it any different to someone else targetting HateLess for whatever reason? Sure, if the reason is to force stop him streaming, that is kinda low and petty, but we don’t know it was this. Could have been dozen of other reasons.

Running a stream does not give you free pass. This is a PvP game, it is his problem that he decided to stream a PvP game and avoid PvP in it completely. I didn’t hear that the guys streaming PvP would have these kind of issues.


Oh dear, this sounds serious. I am sorry that Hateless was not able to make a billion isk an hour, and I hope you try harder to help him reach his goals.

PS - Have you tried just sending him the money?


Isn’t that’s why locator agents exist in the game? :thinking:


Exactly. NEPF use the same “targeted attacks” when they are hunting kill rights.


But they are police, ie. the good guys, so this doesn’t really count. :smiley:

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If you worry about getting sniped in a stream, bring friends or viewers along to help you out? :thinking: Stream Sniping is not an issue. It’s made into an issue by people who don’t know how to play EVE.


Hateless endured many attempts but when I referenced a targeted attack that was on some other guy who was running a small mining stream with friends.

A killright is a big target above your head that says asshat,
Sniping streamers is not the same

And I really don’t know any streamer who wants a free pass, most say what a pain it is and learn from it, even Hateless said it was the Petty nature of the last attack constant pumping and the local chat and what for, no point

We all know really the intentions of this type of attack and how they hide behind oh it’s a pvp game what do they expect

it’s ok if a ganker comes across any group they don’t like and ganks them, it’s been done to us.
But yes it’s hard to pinpoint the petty bitter greafing types from the players who just want to be eve real gankers. With real gankers and I know quite a few come us to hunt them down.

Sure we both have Petty bitter types, they are all toxic

He could have delayed his stream. But from my understanding the person who went after hateless wasnt even watching his stream.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean they found him on stream. They could quite possibly have just found the streamer recognised them as someone famous and wanted a prestigious kill!

“That’s lord Yupa, kill him and you’ll be famous.”

While I agree stream sniping is pretty low, I also lack a certain amount of sympathy for streamers that don’t even do basic stuff to protect themselves and don’t understand that by raising their profile they immediately make themselves a target for being primaried.

That would be like Gobbins, or Aiko, or Chribba being suprised when they were targeted first while roaming in a small gang. Being semi well recognised in a video game puts a target on your back. It is what it is.

If you can prove stream sniping, great, pursue it where you can. However assuming just because you were singled out you were sniped or using your status as a streamer to circumvent play that everyone else has to deal with is as problematic as the stream sniping itself.


Someone should stream snipe ccp when they do the alpha roams XD

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Real question:

Why on earth would anyone want to stop a snipe?

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Sounds like the perfect opportunity to set up a bait mining op, if the streamer wishes to create more interesting content than watching a fleet of miners chewing asteroids.


Personally all I have against sniping is that it’s kind of cheap. I don’t think it should be bad worthy, I also don’t think sniping is something to be particularly proud of.

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Im fairly certain we have wildly differing feelings on streamers

Suffice to say if you broadcast your location in EvE, you should expect a kicking incoming.


Not wildly different because I hundred percent agree with you there.


Oh look, the anti-content crew is crying in full force again

There are little things in this world that are more satisfying than dunking a streamer who blatantly streams his crime of mining without a mining permit to the world. It’s like the ultimate form of justice. All the viewers they tried to negatively influence by giving them the impression you can just steal without consequences can live witness the take down of their hero and hopefully learn the lesson before they incriminate themselves as well.

Also it’s completely hilarious if they have a delay, then you can gank them, dock up, get some popcorn and watch the chaos unfold you just started.


Okay whatever, but can you explain this to me? Who is real ganker and who isn’t?

I am asking because I would like to know where I stand myself :smiley: .

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