Is CCP ever likely to deal with stream sniping?

This seems to be quite frequent and only appears to be getting worse. A lot of streamers are having to use more and more opsec covers or just not stream at all. My understanding was that it’s already against TOS for both Twitch and CCP, yet nothing seems to be done, even when it’s blatant.

A recent example is a streamer called MtHelicon2077 was mining in highsec and one of the gank coordinators, Sargon of Amerish jumped on the stream. Shortly following this gankers showed up on grid and destroyed his ship. This gank was then featured by Aiko on her blog with recordings of the stream the gankers had made. It’s pretty clearly a case of stream sniping, and all this does is put people off streaming EVE which has got to be bad for the popularity of the game overall.

When will CCP actually take action against stream sniping? Is this something that could be discussed at the CSM summit?


That’s funny! It shouldn’t be forbidden.
Everyone should be subjected to the same rules on the server. Risk&Reward should apply evenly to all.
Congratulations to Sargon of Amerish for a job well done.

Do you have a link for that? I’d appreciate.

They shouldn’t give up so easily. If EVE is worth streaming then they should hang in there and play like it matters to them.

~Fifie would love to blow up a streamer.


Of course it should be forbidden, because streamers are less likely to stream if people are going to stalk them to kill them and less streamers is bad for the popularity of the game.


I don’t think it’s realistically workable.

Any automatic detection would be easily cheated.
Any manual reporting would be ripe with abuse.

I still remember the story back when PUBG started banning people for honking their horns in the vicinity of streamers, when the people didn’t even know there was a streamer.

Best CCP could do was to provide streaming after effects to hide everything remotely identifiable.

Best Streamers can do is to engage in play styles where people can’t easily follow them.

They can stream on Sisi if they want to be safe. Just because someone is streaming the game doesn’t mean he should be immune to attack.
Otherwise I can start streaming too, do whatever I want and complain when I’m attacked. That’s convenient isn’t it?

Is there any hard evidence on that? Are there demonstrable numbers to point to a direct correlation between a lack of streaming and game popularity?

~Fifie investigates.


Sure for twitch, but where is it for ccp?

Ccp never had rules against stream sniping.

Hide your location


What a load of nonsense. Why should anyone have special privileges just because they happen to be streaming ?

Whats the point of a stream to show what actually happens in Eve…that is protected from what actually happens in Eve ?


Before the FW revamp there was a small time Eve streamer out plexing in Minmatar space in a T1 frigate. I saw which system he was in, hopped into a T1 frigate of my own, showed up in a ship as a 3rd party pirate, we had a brawl, he exploded, I left system, he was back out in another frigate a minute later, I hopped into his chat, chatted with him there afterwards, he was in good spirit about getting sniped, said that added danger is why he doesn’t mind streaming, and just generally a chill vibe.

I can’t imagine getting rid of that kind of constructive and positive community building.


But isn’t it the purpose of streaming, to actually promote gameplay? And anti-miner gameplay in highsec is … ganking. At lot of miners get ganked without streaming their location, this is all part of the game. So if you present yourself as a target to the world in a PvP game, why getting angry on then becoming subject of PvP? It would be much cooler to anticipate and evade the gank and laugh about their failure.

… and as said, if you don’t want to get special attention, don’t expose your location in game to the world or delay the stream while changing position frequently.


I didn’t say they should be immune to attack, but if streamers get targeted because they are streaming then they are less likely to stream and CCP loses a free source of advertising on a platform popular with gamers. You shouldn’t be at far greater risk just because you are streaming and people who stream snipe shouldn’t be tolerated.

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It is to promote gameplay yes. If gankers want to stream they should be able to do so and stream sniping a ganker should also not be acceptable. Stream sniping at all is just going to reduce the number of streamers and that’s bad for the game.


Streaming Eve is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.


I went and found the clip, and while I’m generally in favor of high sec ganking and a dash of salt, the subsequent trolling (which extended out of game and into his twitch chat) veered into bullying a bit.

He didn’t handle it well, to be sure, but I don’t really see the benefit in continually punching down.

Can’t say I share OP’s concern about stream sniping, specifically, though. Eve is dangerous and that could happen to any miner. If he handled things better and could roll with the punches, it could arguably even be okay content for his stream.



If someone is stupid enough to tell everyone in the galaxy where they are, what they are flying, what they are doing, where they are going, and what they got - that’s their choice. Everyone else is free to use that information as they see fit.


WOW… I wasn’t expecting someone that Old to cry like that…

Whiteknight carebears who whine and cry about “new players” are really just whining and crying about the right of grumpy old men to make death threats because someone else played a video game.


This is a contradicting position. If you stream an activity in a sandbox PvP game, you need to be prepared for player interaction as everybody else has to. Per this the whole definition of “stream sniping” can’t exist for EvE as player interaction is the core of the game.


It’d be funny if stream snipers got banned, then the gankers could just stream all the ganks, and watch all the antigankers get banned. Hahhahaa.


I’d be far more likely to watch a stream if there was a chance at some excitement like this.

Are you kidding? So if I stream on twitch every time I undock no one is allowed to gank me? That doesn’t sound accurate.


@Aiko_Danuja Thank you for the link.
That was instructive. Excellent.

~Fifie is still laughing.