The lower they sink (The killing of HateLesS)

I started watching MrUnlucky, the ganker streamer a while ago, not only does he gank but does other eve subjects Pi and even mining .

As I became known to gankers he could see I was watching and said " don’t stream snipe me it’s the lowest of the low" I said don’t worry I agree with you.

So fast forward to today and on the Bandit Outlaws Aiko blog ,we have Zigam stream snipping Eve’s favorite streamer HateLesS

The 2nd snipe of a streamer of late.

So just as if your in a corp that ganks, you are putting your self in danger of being killed too, so now I’m sad to say MrUnlucky will be fair game for a snipe.

But really why am I surprised, so look out for Zagam and his alts

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Why is stream sniping the lowest of the lowest? It’s just PVP and it’s not like you can’t just get another ship from Jita and beg for some ISK from your viewers to compensate. You could even scam them by ganking yourself. Or you could bring them into EVE to protect your ships from ganks or make them bring you new ships to your activity location so that you can reship fast . You could engage more deeply with your viewers and EVE this way.

If only people would stop complaining about stream sniping as an issue and instead use it as an opportunity for more viewer engagement.

But don’t worry, if you are an EVE Partner, CCP will surely come up with special rules that make stream sniping a banable offense or something like that. I’m sure of it now that they started to implement special rules for more and more things.


HateLesS and most streamer know it’s part of the game and risk but when a ganker says I hope your not sniping then does , just shows the double standards gankers have .


That they have double standards is hardly news and akin to saying “Water is wet”. They don’t follow their own credo and rules at all. Just start killing them and stream sniping them as well. CCP will love you for it because you create conflict and meaningful destruction. You could even go so far as to collecting ISK via your streams to pay out bounties on the heads of the gankers if stream viewers kill them.

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I like the way you think hehe, but remember not all eve players know what these pilots are like , postings it helps get the word out


Maybe I’m confused, but are you complaining that one ganker stream sniped while another ganker said that stream sniping is bad? How is that a double standard?

Re-read. The ganker who asked not to be stream-sniped cause it’s scum, turned around and sniped someone else.

I don’t think this is a reading comprehension issue. The OP uses what I can only assume are two streaming site user names and at least 2 other names that I assume are in game character names belonging to one of these streamers, Aiko aside. The omission of exactly which names refer to which people is confusing for those of us who aren’t already familiar with the streamers and the names of their in game characters.


It’s certainly sounds like MrUnlucky is a hypocrite with no honor, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

This is an example of outgroup homogeneity dude. It’s when someone assumes that the characteristics of a few people apply to everyone of a particular demographic. To give another example, some players will betray communities and friends, and sometimes intentionally inflict psychological abuse on others; thus, some people assert that Eve is nothing but a psychopath simulator.


Honestly, if you dont know how to hide your location info, you deserve to get stream sniped.


sorry was typing this way getting ready for work , its not very clear , they ganker who disapproved of me if i was sniping, which i wasn’t , is the same one doing the sniping on Aiko’s blog


thats how i read it.

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Loot fairy says “Meh”

HatelesS will be back, he knows what he could have done differently in that situation. I watch alot of streamers and the good ones own it.

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Yes your right and even in his stream he kept it together well, credit to him.

One or two f words , understandable.

The real lesson here is set your local gankers to red , don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose and if you have the time help us fight them .

And watch these forums for information on gankers and some interesting stories we have that are about to unfold.

Oh and watch local and Dscan

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If somehow a person puts out Intel about themselves they are asking for it. I see no problem in sniping streamers. If they don’t want to be sniped then don’t stream or delay it enough/hide your location.

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Twitch definitely doesn’t agree, however. It is considered harassment.

Not to CCP however. Seems EVE is an exception to twitch’s rule

No, CCP has their own TOS.

Twitch is pretty explicit in theirs

But CCP doesn’t care about it. They have no rules against it. Thus they are the exception to twitch’s rule.

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That’s not entirely true. The Eve Partnership program does have guidelines regarding other content creators. So CCP does consider things like this.