The lower they sink (The killing of HateLesS)

Sadly there are no rules that prohibit stream sniping in any way. Streamers are advised to obscure parts or their interface or delay their stream slightly in order to avoid being targeted. - GM

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I wonder if the GM knows locator agents still exist.


thats probably why they don’t have any rules against stream sniping.

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For the record, there’s absolutely no evidence that this was stream sniping. It’s a good example of carebear gameplay mentality. Hateless insists on flying a blingy ship recklessly. He insists on streaming. He insists that stream sniping is WRONG. He died. He blames stream snipers. He blames other people. He blames everyone but himself.


Lol do you lie by habit , you was on the video saying something like “and that’s how you stream snipe” in the chat, but maybe you forgot after a long day at skullduggery .

Anyway it’s game play what ever you say and people need to fight it , with game play


That’s not what I said.

You have a habit of not knowing what you are talking about.

I said something like, can’t be assed to look it up,

Off to work now have a nice day

Gankers not having standards?

Shocking !!!

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Gankers do have standards. They are required to snipe at least one streamer per week in order to maintain good standing with the Griefer’s Guild. Unfortunately, the evidence confirms that Hateless (who apparently is a hater) was not sniped, which means MrUnlucky is behind on his quota. I have assigned him to seek out Sheltark Sykari, and hopefully he comes through on this.

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Was this the clip?

Okay so watching what happened before and after it seems he was very chill about it. He said he will reship and replace it all while looked very chill.

Hateless composed himself very well I feel.

If you stream live you deserve to get sniped in any game, stream content with a delay, dumbasses.

And if that guy is a popular streamer for Eve then the bar is low. He needs to set up either push to talk, or learn how to set an open mic up.

I could hear every key stroke, mouse click , foot tap & chair screech. A very low effort & low quality streamer.