Streamer stops due to grief

This is about harassment & grief not ganking

Hi short rant to make myself feel better ---- my favorite streamer who has taught me a dramatic amount about the mechanics in Eve online has just stopped making content

Griefers — we all know they exist in small circles around our galaxy

What is CCP doing about it?
They talked about toxicity once

Other MMO vs EVE toxicity
Griefers exist in every game & are not unique to Eve what is unique is CCP’s refusal to act on anything less than physical harm

What needs to be done
It’s 2022 time to tackle the toxic environment CCP ‘working on it’ is NOT good enough
if you can’t even keep streamers safe what chance do the rest of us have?

Remember mental health comes before anything you are #1 o7 stay safe pilots if CCP won’t fix the issue we have to look out for one another


Who the hell cares about some miner with 3 viewers, 1 of whom is his own alt for the free $5 sub from Amazon Prime benefits? :thinking:


Define “griefing”. What was being done to the streamer?


This was a streamer who often pulled 120+ viewers & did not mine

They were being harassed that’s all I will say — plenty of people will have had a similar experience at some time or another

Verbal abuse? Ganked? Bumped? What do you consider griefing?

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You want CCP to “fix” the toxicity, yet can’t even say what happened to the streamer or what you consider griefing to be…


Pretty sure we can all understand what the word harassment means
i.e contacting people for days or months on end to embarrass or demean them

via emails, in game, over twitch etc

CCP can’t do anything about emails or Twitch, as those are out-of-game and can be sent by anyone anonymously. In-game, however, if someone is harassing you, then by all means report it…


“via emails, in game, over twitch etc”
*note in-game

Obviously reports have been sent fyi it is not me being harassed

Great argument

Well, if it has indeed been reported, and CCP deems it to be harassment, then the offending player will be reprimanded. Due to CCP’s policies, you’ll never know whether they were or not. They don’t report on action taken.

We do know the player has not been banned & is still continuing to harass — when its on stream things tend to be pretty public

Obviously the rant is about the fact A decent streamer will no longer be doing Eve content which sucks for the rest of us

And this is related to ganking in which way? The streamer ganked someone and his victim harassed him? Yeah that is absolutely normal and some peoples are even excusing this.

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I think you are coming in here with an anti ganking thread point of view
this is clearly about harassment — the streamer in question is not a ganker fyi

Call us jaded, but most posts on the forum end up being covert anti-ganking whine threads…


^.^ In itself is that not somewhat toxic in the forums? to confuse mental health with ganks eh

It’s up to us to punish the toxic player(s). Never know what trillionares do these days. Throw mercs at it until the guy gets fed up. Expose the toxic person’s harassment.