A Major Issue That Needs Attention

Hello Everyone,

I would like to first of all start by saying I have a deep respect for every aspect of Eve Online and I love how the community creates such an immersive and engaging experience.

In the past week on Miss Marisha’s Stream I was lucky enough to see an amazing unboxing from a fellow player to celebrate her accomplishments. In the past, I have seen a streamer Ginja Ninja stream a memorial for his father which was amazing.

However, the moment a new player or old player streams a mining ship they are immediately stream sniped hunted down and ganked. This alienates an entire group of players in this game. Recently this has ramped up to the level of bullying and harassment.

Recently this has taken place to a streamer CoachSubway who rages and gives them exactly the reaction they are seeking. However, they spammed a blog in his chat which I took a look at. I saw the quote, “At this point, lazar, your best bet is to make a new character and never stream… because everybody in the galaxy is going to keep poking you.” With such an amazing and supportive community should anyone’s goal be to make another person delete their character quit streaming and hide. Is that advertising the best Eve Online has to offer.

I am not a care bear, I spent the entire beginning of my time in eve learning solo pvp. I lost over 100 ships before I was able to begin winning any fights. I am not going to say I have never ganked a miner because I have. When only bots were in the plexes in Lowsec during the USTZ it was much needed content.

However, there is a section of the game that enjoys mining, refining, and making ships and modules from scratch.

Let’s not let this get out of hand. Ganking is fine its a mechanic you see scan a ship with 3b in blueprints, and pop his ship, I love seeing those killmails. I am sure the person is salty, however bullying every player in a venture and exploiting them for isk they don’t have is something else.

Maybe in the industry starter missions when they have to mine have a catalyst gank them complete the mission and the next one teach them how to use DScan to keep an eye out for ships. However something needs to be done to stop the stream sniping of new players.


while CCP has no rules on stream sniping, and twitch does, there isn’t anything CCP will do about it. The streamer however, can delay his stream so that ppl will have a harder time sniping him if he wants to stream and mine.

coming here and whining and crying isn’t going to win him any viewers or fans… give a gf, or whatever and move on.


I agree. He gave them the exact reaction and attention they are looking for. They want the salt and he gave it, so they are going to keep going.

There are plenty of streamers who welcome stream sniping such as Joebane he welcomes viewers to come find and fight him it gives him content.

I just feel like there is a whole player base in Eve Online who do not to get the chance to use streaming to build their corps or educate other Eve Players due to constant harassment.

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… you want CCP to police the actions of their players and somehow tell if they’re stream sniping someone? What do you propose? That CCP implement a program that’ll install itself and monitor your computer to see if you’re using a browser and visiting a twitch.tv url? How would this even work? And “new players”? Have you heard of alts?

I am not new to Eve. I very much understand how the game works.

However, I had a friend I made on another game who saw I was playing Eve Online, he asked me if I would be willing to show him the ropes. He was very interested in the market and industry of Eve Online. I will be honest, I know nothing about it. I don’t mine and I don’t know anything about Industry, but I showed him how to do exploration and said feel free to use a mining barge I had sitting around from when I thought I was going to mine but after 15 mins I decided I would never mine again.

He turned on his stream and within an hour he messaged me apologizing he lost my ship, and he would never be able to repay me. I told him don’t worry every time a ship is undocked just pretend like it is already lost.

However, it made me aware of the issue of stream sniping and bullying of industrial players. There were some great streamers like MyLeftArm who used to deal with this harrasment and kept going, however I do think they ultimately got him to quit streaming.

Is there an issue? Yes, how to deal with it, I don’t know that is why I don’t run for CSM. I just want to bring it to the attention of the CSM 16 candidates and current incumbents.

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Your example here just showcases how much this is a personal issue and not an EVE Online issue. Your friend was streaming. That was his choice and then he suffered the consequences. Why must CCP take action against the stream snipers but not the streamer for putting himself in a vulnerable position in the first place?


2 things.

  1. They can delay their stream.
  2. Could they possibly hide their locations using blurs and such to prevent stream sniping?

aside from that, Scoots is right that CCP has no obligation to take action nor the CSM’s.

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Do you think it is a bad idea to educate new players about the risks of suicide gankers?

They deserve to be prepared for a mechanic of the game. How is a new player to know when starting a new game that by streaming they are going be immediately harassed then sent an in-game mail demanding money they do not have.

The system he was ganked in how far is that from the starting area? I understand you want to defend your play style I get it. I don’t want it removed. I want the new guy to be warned and have a chance to defend themselves even if it is D-Scan and evading the gankers.

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How is this, in any way, related to discussion about stream snipers?

Why didn’t you warn your friend that streaming may put him at risk of gankers?

I don’t really care? Again, what does this have to do with stream sniping? There’s no protection in that area. Rookie Griefing – EVE Online If he’s not in these systems, he’s fair game.

Absolutely NOTHING in what you just said is relevant to stream sniping or even going live and streaming in the first place. Don’t try and change the subject. You raised the issue of stream sniping, focus on that.


Indeed, lets focus on that you feel that only PvP players are entitled to the right to stream their gameplay? Do you feel industrial players are second class to players such as yourself?

They deserve the right to play the game without constant harassment especially from people who use third party sites for an unfair advantage. How is that any different from third-party software that give a player an unfair advantage.

What does this have to do with stream sniping?

What does this have to do with stream sniping?

Why are you trying so hard to avoid talking about stream sniping?

Watching your stream gives me an unfair advantage? Turn off your stream. Problem solved.

Look, I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to tangentially make this an thread a way to get CCP to ban ganking in EVE Online by using the issue of stream sniping as a trojan horse. But this isn’t the play you think it is.

Edit: Since this is the second time you’ve tried to dodge the main issue, I’m just going to ignore anything you say that isn’t related to stream sniping.

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First, I don’t want to get rid of ganking. As I said, I respect the ganks that are smart plays. (ie. Ship Scanning and Ganking)


Watching your stream gives me an unfair advantage? Turn off your stream. Problem solved.

That is the same as presenting the arguement, “If botting gives me an unfair advantage, then disable the program I am using.”

You using a third-party site for an unfair advantage you are the problem. They should not have to stop streaming the game because you will use it to harass them in-game.

Ok, so you don’t want to talk about stream sniping at all. Glad we figured that out.

I just did, if you choose to ignore my argument, because you can not refute it that is your issue not mine.

You started with stream sniping, and you’ve spun it into “think of the children/miners/newbros”.


No, please refer to my initial post. It was in there from the beginning.

And I told you the best solution to their problem to not be stream sniped.

delay their streams or hide their locations when mining.

anybody playing eve can pick and choose the battles they fight… if an industrialist or new pvper wanna whine and ■■■■■ about being ganked or pointed or whatever, then that is on them and they get whatever ridicule they have.

but there are ways to prevent the streaming from causing them harm.

when a friend, Archer en Tilavine was streaming Among Us, he would put a delay on it, to not give others the ability to see who were the suspects.


See, this isn’t how it works.
You’re proposing the change (that somehow CCP should do something to stop stream sniping). The burden is on YOU to provide reasons why. So far, you have not brought up any reasons that are specific to stream sniping, but tangential at best and mostly revolving around ganking.

Wanna try actually arguing for your proposed change, or are you going to try and keep using this as a way to get CCP to ban ganking?

However, your argument is invalid this is not Among Us this is Eve Online and to mine it takes time a 15 or 30 second delay in no way changes anything.

The problem is not the stream, it is the person who uses it to harass or gain an knowledge they would not of had using a third-party site. The existence of botting software is not a problem as much as the person who actively seeks it and utilizes it for personal gain.