Ganking killing content

Today, 05/05/2024 Gankers have killed the mom in the incursion system of Gaha ENDING the content for Thousands of players that wanted to do incursions,
Those players ware OMEGA players that PAID TO PLAY
Now they have to do or play something else after they swiped theyr cards over and over again to achieve the neccessary skills and and buy the neccessary ships and fits to play their favorite eve content.
If this is not GRIEFIENG and content destroyng i don`t know what is


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I think the intended way this incursions work and how CCP initially imagined them, is that the players kill the mom as soon as it spawns and the incursion ends.

You chose to not do that and stretch the incursion out by agreeing in your community to not kill the mom, so you could effortlessly farm them for a prolonged time

Emergent gameplay, nice, that’s good!

You know what else is also emergent gameplay?

Someone not giving a f about your little agreement and exploding that mom.


That has all the hallmarks of a classic “yo mama” joke written all over it!! :rofl:

You have no ideea about how CCP imagined ■■■■ about this game, they never said in any post how they intended incursions and many other things.
Its only in your mind.

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This sounds uncannily like Greed to me. And Entitlement. And Ranting.

Karak has succinctly and helpfully (and calmly) outlined the important points.

Was this incident the doing of Wrathful Hawk, that skilled and entertaining operator? I wonder, in any case, that if there are ‘Thousands of players’ involved, you cannot muster 5 or 6 of them to lay some sort of trap?

Why not swipe your cards again, buy a bunch of PLEX, and offer a prize to the team which succeeds in discouraging him?

So many options before you pull the plug…


Karak was speaking nonsense from his first phrase mate, CCP intended… where and how CCP intended what he sais? please…
If you wanna answer to me answer my message as a whole ., stop extracting my words like papparazzi

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How about a small few people of these Thousands — 50ish people would do — buy some cheap catalysts and go gank the people that keep early popping the MoM?

Then you can demand payment from the Thousands of people running incursions to protect the MoM from being popped.


They also never said that paying for a subscription gives your group specifically the right to say when that mom gets killed and by whom. If the game mechanics are the way that everyone can take it down then it’s your job IN GAME by utilizing IN GAME means to make sure you keep control of who kills it when if you desire to keep it around.

There isn’t anything wrong with the game or with other people killing that mom. What’s wrong is your expectations about this game and crying about it on the forums will do nothing for you, it just gives us some entertainment.


Its very clear that the message is for CCP

Are you CCP? NO , clearly not

Then why you comment ?

Go back into your hole.

i do not care about your nonsense crap

We need you to calm down

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If it was meant for them you would not have posted it on these forums. They don’t read them. You would have posted a message to the official discord in the #csm-chatter channel to get the attention of CCP, CSM, and the GM and ISD that monitor it.

Also for good measure, make a post on Reddit in /r/eve.

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First she got her mom ganked and now her post. Bad day

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Thanks, i will do that too, thats the only thing you posted right on this forum, rest of it is all crap.

my mom is dead 20 years ago. She had cancer. i had no mom ganked, i think yours did

Are you his MOM or something?

If posts to the official discord, forums, and /r/Eve don’t work I suggest next the CCP Games official twitch channel (there’ll literally be CCP employees there) and also tweet at the CCP Games Twitter account.

Also don’t forget about the CCP Games AND Eve Online YouTube accounts (there are two) and I recommend posting on the latest 5 videos of each.

EHm, nope,

If you want to kill the mom first, you need to be faster. Our team is much smaller, and you have thousands of players, so you just need to try harder. Next spawn I will let you kill it first, but you need to do it within 6 hours, or I will send someone else.