The end is nigh. Gankers a dying breed

Just found this post , thought I’d pass it on

News Flash: Witch Queen’s Propaganda Blog Exposed!

In a desperate bid to stay relevant, the Witch Queen herself has resorted to dredging up old Reddit posts and fake stories to bolster the dwindling reputation of gankers. The queen’s latest post highlights the antics of the notorious Ceema, a goon infamous for his comical fake posting stunts, trying to spin a four-month-old tale into a fresh saga.

The skies of Uedama were briefly lit up by some familiar ganker faces, including the infamous Caution Asian Driver and the Bob Painter Fleet, backed by their so-called “electrician friends.” But don’t be fooled—despite the flurry of activity, the kill rates are laughably low.

Are we witnessing the last gasps of a dying monster? With the new armored avalanche poised to crush any remnants, it seems the end is near for these irrelevant troublemakers.

Will Burn Jita even happen , we wait and see.

Stay tuned!


Haha and so true

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I take it your taking about @Aiko_Danuja , what will they do next​:cloud_with_rain::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Does this mean @Felix_Frostpacker will only send a discounted monthly tithe of 100 mil ISK to Aiko from now on as their worth is shrinking thus the monthly fee will be adjusted accordingly? :thinking:

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Hi Githany. I found Aiko’s blogpost highly entertaining, and it didn’t matter to me whence the material came nor for how long it had been kicking around before she crafted her narrative. Is four months really considered ‘old’? Perhaps it is, these days! Something happened, that’s for sure, and why not turn it into a piece of entertainment?

You also mention the ‘dwindling reputation’ of gankers. If anything, it’s not the reputation that is dwindling, but the numbers. On that basis, if ganking dies out, it will not be because of the activities of you and your supporters, but simply because of the increasingly unattractive game environment in which the activity is currently taking place. And, of course, the price of subs…

Whatever happened in Uedama, let’s celebrate it! And, come 4th July, I hope there’s a good showing for the ‘Burn Jita’ event. For Goodness’ sake, Highsec needs a triple-jab: Conflict, Drama, Destruction.

I’m pleased that you posted this here, Githany, so Thank You. I would have preferred to read it on your own long-running and popular blog, but Google came up with nothing. Could you repost the link? Ta’.


LOL, that made me chuckle!


The way I interpret your message is that CCP should buff ganking and I fully agree with the sentiment.


Oh I know , as always you are spot on and to many points to address right now .

Look at my post in another way , if I say Burn Jita will fail and gankers are finished . Maybe that will help number , just to prove me wrong .

Your welcome and as you I believe eve is Conflict, Drama and Destruction.

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Players should deal with player not ccp

When you do think about it most gankers log off after like 02:00 EVE…

Just my random 2 cents LOL


If Equinox were Half Life…we’re at about this stage…

black mesa


Hello there,

First off, I take major offense to being called “Notorious”.

I’m not an GSF person of importance, nor in KarmaFleet. I’ve done nothing worthwhile to earn this “Notorious” Marker, so I feel that this needs to be addressed.

I hold no power or authority beyond owning the discord that all the super elite of EVE Online join to place bets on Sumo Wrestling.

I’m just a line member.

While often the bets are for ISK, in certain cases for example the Beeitnam War, PGL bet Asher Aslan Elias that he’d unanchor TEST structures if Wakatakakage Atsushi lost to Yago Takanori.

Asher’s favorite Sumo won the day and thus, PGL had to unanchor the structures, and poof the war was quickly over and PGL eventually joined Waffe, realizing Asher was a much bettter Sumo Bettin’ man.

Does that make me notorious? I just set the table. EVE’s elite gamble at it, often using pilots as markers to decide large scale conflicts or back door deals.

Maybe Burn Jita happens, maybe it doesn’t. I have no clue. I wrote the post in the middle of a fleet after James 315 texted me seeking an invite back to the Sumo Discord. I have no clue what the upper echelons of Ganking and Goons leadership have planned.


Githany did ChatGPT write this?

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Would that be an admission of bot-aspirant behavior? Maybe @Githany_Red should consult her space lawyer before answering this question. :blush:


No I did , well about 95 % was me

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I quite surprised that you take offense , as a Reddit reader I’ve seen your works of fantasy and in many cases blatant attacks on people in a passive way.
Even I think it’s entertaining and often well written , I find myself reading post and having to go back to make sure it’s not you writing it .

“Notorious” means being famous or well-known for something negative or unfavorable. It often describes someone or something that has gained a bad reputation due to some scandalous, criminal, or morally questionable actions. For example, a notorious criminal is widely known for their crimes, and a notorious event is infamous for its negative impact or controversial nature…

Why your post are done in an innocent and jovial manor the above meaning fits well and your post have an underlying truth or point you wish to make .

Please keep it up as they are both entertaining and enlightening , sometimes.

Do you need more popcorn

Is this why she joined the goons, it all makes sense now.

Space law? In space no one can hear you strenuously object.

They tried to warn us! The chances of a Plex Cascade were highly improbable.

Someone already paid for a freighter load of shipment so I have enough for the time being.

:popcorn: :blush: :popcorn:

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I don’t get it why does frost packer have to pay for permit’s, you gankers have interesting RP.