Ganking killing content

Well, if they don’t change, sorry in advance.

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Imagine thinking that

gives any exclusive rights to “content”, other than the exclusive right to be removed from one’s ship, loot and pod while being part of someone else’s “content”.

or in one easy gif:
200w (1)

And now just “unimagine” again. Wipe that thought from your grey matter. It’s not going to happen - ever.

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Consider the folly of asserting that a sandbox game, by its very nature devoid of inherent constraints, adheres to any rules whatsoever. The parameters are, in fact, crafted and continuously reshaped by the collective whims of its numerous participants. It is imperative to recognize that rules which no longer serve the evolving dynamics of the players are rightfully discarded. Do not confuse your personal experiences and successes within this framework as prescriptive for its future trajectory. Adapt, lest you remain an obstinate relic, resistant to change.


Thank you for sayng so much crap and nonsense… bye

It’s a PvP game and seeing by the responses in this thread no one cares about what you thought was “PvE” or “content” or whatever.
I don’t know what “mom” is but if it’s in space it’s fair game to be destroyed.

Crying again i see?

I gave you and your community my terms to keep the focus up. Its really up to you whether or not you agree to them or not.

Stop your whimpering and moaning to CCP because of it…its getting old.


I dont understand what you are tryng to say or whatever you think is funnny is irelevent for me


i dont see anyone cryng, you understand it all wrong mate

I’m sure you do not, or you would not be posting what you posted :partying_face:

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I know exactly what and why i posted, you do not but i do not pity you

It’s hard to see yourself, try looking in a mirror.

You sure sound like a whimpering child in this forum post that i can tell for sure.

While the incursion is down why dont you go mine rocks, im sure my other alliance mates would love to join you in the asteroid fields. Ta Ta!

Exactly :smiley:

Again, you are making no sense , join me in asteroid fields, whimperind child,
is your forum ?
You wanna mine my rocks?
Please make some sense,.
It has nothing to do with the subject

When MOM is incursion PvE
how can GANKER grief with PvP??
make no sense

With understandable regards
-James Fuchs

The mechanic is wrong, i am sure it can and should be changed.
It has to be adjusted to suit the majority of players not few.
THe gankers are abusing it
Do you understand ?

At this point I’m sure you did not even have a mining permit that would allow you to run this incursions.

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