Ganking killing content

No no no …
OP complains that an other group killed the “incursion mom”, and therefore calls that other group “griefers” and “gankers”. There are no recorded ganks in Gaha since 0220 Eve time…

I know, it’s confusing. At first it confused me too. Then I got unconfused again. Now I’m laughing.

You no longer have to wonder what levels of entitlement can be reached, we just broke a long standing record with this one.

Enjoy the spectacle.


Whats a mining permit ? is it part of the mechanics you think you understand also ?

I knew it! She is an illegal incursion runner

Apparently everyone understands the game mechanics better than you

You really don’t understand do you?

Blowing up your MOM is PvP - work it out !!!


no understand
incursion is evil sasha attacking universe
hero stop sasha and save universe
why hero bad guy??? no is wrong

With confused regards
-James Fuchs


As I understand it, your message ‘as a whole’ was an unmitigated rant, saying, basically, that you and your Incursion comrades were comprehensively outplayed by an EVE gamer whose skill and dedication you could not collectively match, let alone surpass.

You seemed to think that throwing cash at your gripe should somehow make any unwanted intervention go away and not return.

Well, I’ve news for you. Your predicament is likely causing all sorts of mirth in Reykjavik, at CCP Headquarters. It must be heart-warming to know that your posts are giving so much enjoyment, both here and there.

I know that @Aiko_Danuja has followed this story with interest, on her blog. Perhaps she’ll post a link to a particularly spicy exchange for us?

Have you all tried swiping your cards, gathering your pennies, buying some PLEX, and trying to persuade Wrathful Hawk to move on by showering him with your generosity? I thought not.

I’ll not repeat the advice of the other commentors. The Crime & Punishment Sub-Forum is a benign source of wisdom - but whiners get short shrift.


The only whiner here are you,
i am a very wise person who discovered how a game mechanic is being abused in a very bad way.

‘Ganking Killing Content’

…ganking IS content. Just because you want to stretch the incursion out and bleed it for all you can, doesn’t mean others have no right to kill it off. Get over it.

That is your opinion, thank you for sharing

Unless you’re going to actually do something about it except complain to CCP, who aren’t going to do anything and say ‘Working as intended’ because it is, Then STFU about it. It’s built so that hey, it can be popped early if someone feels like it.

‘But i paid money to do this thing!’ Well guess what, so did the ganker. You don’t have exclusive rights. That money spent gets you access to the whole of the game, go find something else to do and stop crying.

You want something to change? Then go and actually make it change instead of crying on the forums about mechanics working how they’re supposed to.

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Nooo…I want to whine that there’s 20 Novus Ordo gankers menacingly hanging about in Jan preventing me from taking my clone tags there. It’s just not fair ! Why can’t CCP stop them hanging around there. Rant, rant, rant…

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I’m afraid it has to be said, Roxana, that your wisdom clearly does not extend to devising ways to achieve your aims without begging for assistance from others.

In that sense, it can hardly be called ‘wisdom’, now can it?

Google says:
‘Wisdom’ - ‘the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement’.

In Cornish, the word is ‘Skians’ (a bit like ‘Science’), and I was taught that it carries with it the implication that the possessor of the quality is also skilled in applying it.

I hope you don’t think I’m whining, Roxana (‘Little Star’ - Persian). I do read carefully your responses, and take from them whatever I can to try to understand what it is you expect to achieve in the current discussion.


And again, another opinion i will not respect

You are here replyng like desperates to find excuses and arguments to make sure they do not fix it.

You are claiming it is broken when being able to take down the mom whenever you want after it appears is actually part of the mechanics. Just because someone else is bored and decides “Yeah i’m gonna do this because i can do it alone and it’s funny” doesn’t mean it is broken, just means that they have the means to actually do so.

Once again, stop crying it’s broken when it isn’t and go find something else to do.

Your assumption of me cryng is wrong, i am just reporting something

You’re reporting that something is broken on something that is working properly because it’s taking away the content you specifically want. Tell me how that’s not complaining.

Because of people like you they kept breaking this game for others untill it became more boring and dull. nothing to do than just be sad about how this game becomes more rotten day by day. i am tryng to come back once in 3 years just too see it more broken than ever…
More expansions with crap, more exploits found to destroy what was great about it.
A lost community everywhere

Don’t get me wrong. It annoys me too because i regularly run incursions. Buy hey, I can’t do anything about this guy, and i’ve got better things to do in game rather than sit around and whine about not being able to do one thing. I do mining and industry, I do missions, I do Homefronts and insurgency.

So like i said, stop complaining and go find something else to do while this guy gets bored.

Thinking about it, Roxana, I’m not sure why you posted in this particular Sub-Forum. Although discussions about suicide-ganking are correctly placed here, your rant is really about a player killing an NPC, and a request for CCP to change the mechanics to make this impossible. Yes, I know, it sounds ridiculous.

A player cannot ‘gank’ an NPC, so the ‘ganking’ part of ‘Ganking [is] killing content’ in the thread title, doesn’t really apply.

So, if we take the emotion out of your outpourings, we are left with, perhaps:

‘Other players should not be able to kill ‘The Mom’ NPC, because my mates and I depend on her prolonged survival for our farming activities. I request that you devote design and developer time to making our activity profitable again.’

You don’t proffer any detailed solution to what you see as the problem, but I think you could usefully re-do the whole thing and plant it squarely in ‘Player Features and Ideas’.

p.s. Killing NPCs is not griefing.