Incursion griefer

Dear CCP,

Recently the Incursion focuses not last more that 7-24 hours.

One person decided to kill Mom ASAP so messing up the game for another 500 capsuleers or even much more.

Please do something because this is not fair.

Don’t tell me that CCP allows one person to literally kill the content in the game.

This is like pure gameplay sabotage.

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This is what happened when the Incursion community was split into 2 when it first came out over a decade ago. The two competing groups would run them ASAP and try to exclude the other group, gank each other, make cringey raps, etc. It isn’t griefing, just competition.


thats a lie ! one person cant kill the mom alone !

tells me youre a liar and a troll !

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Yes it is possible. People multibox 40 alts in HQ :sweat_smile: 1 multiboxer has killed spawns before.

This is super awkard so I will uh give you time to reflect on that…


Can I get a titan banned if I got blown up in a cruiser? It’s not fair!

CCP wont touch incursions because it’s so old like missions.

Complacency breeds laziness HS incursions has been the same for a long time. This is very recent and sudden and while I run incursions often. I like the social dynamics going on here. Especially the first salt post on this topic.

Carebears are so funny.


You need an incursion permit.


and a HQ is not the mom site :wink:

Never said anything was wrong with multiboxing I was merely stating people can solo the mom site.

People ready to pounce out of context man :confused:

Anyways I wonder if this thread will take off with the salt or not. :popcorn: :popcorn:

I hope so. Been slow lately.

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My alliance is allowed to kill the mothership.

If you want to kill it first, you need to be faster than us.

Get good noob.

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They reduced the spawn systems number to 1 like 4-5 years ago.

Pretty long ago tbh and I was there.

So how is the Incursion salt collection going , just read the pirate princess blog to see where it’s at right now .

I was just wondering if the incursion runners had come up with a work around to the salt. And is Hawk and his gang at still doing this

Who are you even talking to?

cleaned off some off topic/spam.

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Are they still crying about someone coming in, playing the game as intended and shutting off their ISK faucet?


Yeah something like that, interested to see the upcoming MER for the past month to compare.

In other words - griefing