HighSec Incursion Rework

There is currently a situation where intentional early termination of highsec incursions has been occurring for several months. While it is well known that CCP allows scam and all sorts of crimes as forms of gameplay, I believe it is problematic that players cannot enjoy the content of the game itself. Many incursion groups are dying out, and some have already quit EVE Online.

Some might ask, ‘Can’t you just enjoy other content?’ But for many incursion players, including myself, other content besides incursions is not enjoyable and lacks a reason to engage with. We were enjoying incursions not as a means of profit, but for fun. I hope some adjustments can be made so that content can still be played continuously even with some sabotages or disturbs.

Here are some suggestions----

-Similar to the link provided, there will be no ‘MOM’ site until 4-5 days after the first spawn. This is applicable only to HighSec due to cyno jamming effects, which may cause problems in Low and NullSec.

-Enable the simultaneous spawning of two HighSec Incursions. Each pair of spawns should be far enough from each other.

-Enable instant respawn of Incursions after they have been cleared, or within 6-12 hours.

-Make Incursion like Abyssal deadspace. We have killed enough Sanshas. It’s time for us to invade Sansha. Use filaments in fleets in certain areas. (areas change like random Incursion spawns right now)

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Just removing hisec Incursions altogether would solve the problem.


I miss trig invasions honestly. People could mess with your payout by stealing loot or simply shooting a random rat with a light drone to get a payout, but the sites were fun and engaging.

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