Y'all broke the hisec incursion spawn timer. Again

Should’ve been up at least forty-five minutes ago.

If you’d bring it back up to three hisec spawns, I wouldn’t get annoyed like this when you screw up, because I’d still have somewhere to go. Just saying.

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i would realy like to see the old respawn timers back… you know with up to 72h… where you could have a weekend off even with 3 spawns in highsec…

if you can play eve only with an incursion maybee consider looking left and right the streets for new opportunities

I am by no means getting into half of what Eve has to offer, but I probably do get into more things than the average player. However, instead of doing 7 things a day, or 7 things a week, I tend to do one thing rather intensely for a while, and when I get bored of that, I’ll go do something else intensely for a while. It’s the way I like to play the game. When I’m doing incursions and there are no incursion spawns, I sometimes use the time to run errands, and might log on for pings, but I usually don’t feel like switching clones, moving PvE characters, or moving ships for 1 to 2 days of incursion downtime.

I’m sure many other players do the same thing. They don’t go get into other activities while waiting for the spawn, they just go play something else for a day or two.

Finally, I do not know if this is true or not, so take it with a grain of salt, but I’ve heard that someone heard a dev say at an event that they reduced the incursion spawn rate in an attempt to get incursioners into invasions. If true, it’s definitely the wrong way to get players to try out your new content.

Bonus Graph Porn
Also, I was curious about whether or not the reduced spawns affected the incursion isk faucet. Incursions may not be the biggest isk faucet in the game, but they are still a rather big one. Thus, it’s possible that turning that faucet down might have a beneficial effect on inflation rates and the economy. This in turn means that the reduced spawn rates might have a beneficial effect on the economy if they reduce the faucet.

Anyway, here’s my graph. It looks like the reduced spawn didn’t have any lasting, significant effect on incursion isk generation, but it’s also possible that the problem would have been worse without it.

Yeah, it just jammed all the incursion communities up against each other, which has sparked competition and made us all get noticeably faster, so even more isk. And yeah, COVID, which has dumped in so many new people that WTM and TDF each fly multiple fleets on a regular basis now.

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