Rebalance Incursion Mothership Sites

Recently the Highsec incursion communities have come under a lot of griefing from outside groups by finishing the mothership site within the first day of the focus. This has been a long time game mechanic that communities have used to their advantage for undesirable focuses, ones on highsec islands or in a bad lower security area. Also not to say about lowsec or nullsec groups headshotting their respective focuses for logistical purposes. In Highsec most groups agree they want to farm the sites as long as they can, as there is only one focus up at a time. The isk faucet from incursions often jump starts people’s interest in other facets of the game, and lately with the increased early focus despawns, many people have chosen to stop playing EVE altogether.

What I am proposing is, at least for the highsec spawns, is to move the possible mothership site spawn into the mobilizing stage of the incursions instead of being possible first day that influence is ground down. This will prevent this blatant form of griefing, while also giving up the ability to re-roll the dice on ‘bad’ spawns.

I have personally been an FC in a couple of the incursion communities, and was Leadership for WTM for a time. This is not the first time this was abused, and I highly doubt this will be the last. There are many things I would consider need to be rebalanced or straight patched for incursions, but at this point, incursions won’t continue to be ran in highsec consistently anymore.


Calm down ganker


Bruh screw your permit

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This seems like a win for all parties.

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You guys cry and moan more than any other community i have ever gotten involved with…by a wide margin…

You are now asking for the entire incursion mechanic to be changed to fit your comfort because you can’t cope.

Remind me again why you are so special?


It’s not a democracy.

You need an incursion permit.


Hello. I’m Krig Povelli and I approve this message.


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Didn’t think it would take this long for the real tears to arrive.


This is not griefing, this is legitimate gameplay. What you need to do is adapt.

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This seems like an oversight, the consequences of which now materialize as players multibox 40 characters simultaneously.

Those two things are not exclusive to each other.

CCP doesn’t seem to recognize that as a “problem”. :rofl:

It isn’t “griefing” if another group is just faster in whatever they wish to do with their game time and not honoring any “agreement” made by others.

I am pretty sure most WH-groups would “agree” that they should have the shiny combat sites in their home WH for themselves, yet people farm in “others” home holes every day. And when the “owners” log in, they find their 20 sites from yesterday simply… gone. Thats not “griefing”, thats “competition”.


This isn’t about people competing for sites; that happens with Incursions normally. It’s people literally ending the Incursion to prevent everyone from running any sites.

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at least wormholers try to get isk my clearing sites.

groups ending incursion early just want to grief other incursion runners not thinking about the isk

Where is written that everything you do has to rotate about “making ISK”? People are trying to mess with other peoples operations all day long in EVE, trying every possible way to ruin their plans. For the sheer fun of it. Or for the simple reason that they don’t like you.

Let me guess: the real problem is probably that you have little options to stop them because they use your own tactics against you (being non-wardecable and operating under CONCORD protection).

So, there is a simple solution for your problem: Everyone warping into any Incursion Site gets suspect. Then the both of you can just brawl it out and see who really earns the victory.


All of incursions needs a rework. It is legit just NPCs who deal more damage and are extremely tanky. The booster NPC doesn’t even work and they do the exact same thing every single site.

  • More NPC manuvers.
  • More E-war
  • NPCs that actually boost their fleet.
  • NPCs that switch targets randomly based on emerging factors.
  • Anything else that makes NPCs better to fight.

I miss the trig war sites they were really fun and the NPCs felt actually alive.

Thing is if CCP touches incursions it will probably break a bunch of other things.

As much as I want these “mean” :sweat_smile: aggressors to go away. Morally I know that they are currently within their right to do what they do within the current mechanics. It does not dismiss the fact incursions are bland and anyone that dies in incursions is human error or 1% disconnect. Do the sites and see for yourself.