The truth about Adrian Vexier!

I have been playing eve for well over a decade and in this time I have seen many people doing dodgy things. Mechanics get nerfed and balanced as a result. Two things that never got looked at are ganking and bumping. And recently we have been bothered by a player bumping us. We looked into ths character and we discovered some peculiar things. His name is Adrian Vexier and here is what we found:

First of all his bumping speed. He uses a Machariel and regularly reaches more than 3700 m/s. even with overheat, implants and officer mwd we couldn’t reach that in any simulation and he does that continuously so overhead is out of the question.

Second there is the ganking and escaping concord. He regularly ganks ships in the ice fields and sometimes concord doesn’t even come.

On top of that there is his above 5.0 security standing with concord. He has 5.1 and his character was created in 2017. That is years after the concord agents were pulled from the game. How did he attain 5.1??? can this have something to do with concord not intervening in his fights?


And then are some strange kills on zkillboard. Like this astrahus he killed with only his frigate. The astrahus was fully fitted and had enough fuel for more than a year. Even if the station wasn’t manned how did he do enough damage to pause the repair timer with only one frigate?

Plus this strange occurrence when he killed a ship in highsec then a station in nullsec in literally the same minute then the pod of the other guy in the same system in highsec two minutes later. The highsec and nullsec systems are 41 jumps apart. No way he could do that back and forward in 2 minutes. Another strange thing about this is that for the highsec kills he used a stratios but for the nullsec structure zkillboard couldn’t read his ship is has just a question mark. how did he teleport himself back and forward 82 jumps in 2 minutes and make those 3 kills? Can someone explain this?

he also has a lot of kills using a nereus. we know the nereus can fit a lot of tank but recently he killed a gila with t2 damage focused fit and barely took any damage himself and even killed a rook fitted with 5 t2 jammers and he negated all ecm.

What do you think about this? Isn’t it weird? Has anyone else had experiences with Adrian Vexier?

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Is this your OP, Adrian?

That guy posts click-bait video links all the time. I figured he is more of a troll who designs these farces with his own alts to garner sensationalist reactions from others.

In fact, the whole OP seems very par for course, coming from Adrian. He would certainly manufacture this whole thing if only for a bit more notoriety. Look him up on YouTube.

Shenanigans? No more than usual.

EDIT: Your post title has a typo. An ‘?’ instead of a ‘!’ would have been more appropriate. The title acts like it has answers, but it is, in fact, a question.


I can confirm that Adrian is a wallhacker noclipping landshark.

Once I saw him no aim headshot someone from across the map.


are you asking me if i am adrian? no! i am not!
how could anyone design the kills in game with the standard mechanics? how do you kill an astrahus with a frigate? how do you jump 82 gates in 2 minutes? how do you get 5.1 positive sec standing?

are you joking or are you serious?

how? is that how he did the impossible highsec - nullsec - highsec kills?


Easy if it’s his.

That scenario you mentioned is easy to explain. He did damage to the entity, so he got put on the kill. He didn’t have to be present upon its death to receive credit for it.

That, I’d like to know.

wtf do you want me to do?

that astra had fuel for a year in its fuel bay so it wasnt abandoned. also even if it was his he still has to do 2000 dps to stop the repair timer. even if he had an alt in he couldnt stop the repair timer that is automatic if there is not enough dps. so his frigate did 2000 dps. he used a daredevil. show us any daredevil fit that does 2000!

he did his first kill in highsec then the second in nullsec then the third back in highsec. round trip 82 jumps. he did it in 2 minutes. how???

yeah… dont we all?

With such a fresh account age (joined two hours ago), there is nothing you can do. You have no posting history to compare against. Even then, I suspend disbelief regarding alts only when I am reasonably sure no shenanigans are taking place. This just reeks of Adrian’s modus operandi.

I don’t see an Upwell Structure core in that killmail. No way to tell when it was anchored, so it could have been placed after requirements for Upwell Cores in Citadels was put into place. Could have been abandoned with a full tank, sans core.

I told you, that’s not what happened. He got a kill, then the structure which he did damage to was destroyed, then he got another kill.

You and I sure do, that much is all I know.

I am not Adrian. This is ridiculous. You are probably Adrian!!!


The plot thickens.


check my character in game. this is an alt older than two years. what? did you expect me to post with my main so adrian would bump me 24/7? by the way you talk you are adrian!

you are obviously new and dont know about game mechanics. once you anchor a structure, after 24 hours it is fully anchored but offline. you need to core it to bring it online and only then you can fit modules to it. so that astra was deployed before the core changes and fully fueled. you can still see such structures uncored and fueled and they work fine and still need damage cap to stop the repair timer.

and how did he travel 82 jumps in 2 minutes? and why is there a question mark instead of a ship on his nullsec kill? was he piloting a secret ship?

and what about his 3700 m/s machariel.
this is what we can simulate with an overheated Cormack 500MN and full faction overdrives and nanofibers plus full velocity rigs - 3177 m/s.

I’m pretty sure his ship has a warp drive.

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I did not expect to see what I saw in your posting history, but here we are. Sensationalist replies and then a sensationalist thread… Hm…

I am new, but I also know some mechanics. Required for new structures: October 2020. Killmail: November 2020. It still could have had its core removed, for whatever reason, making it vulnerable. Also still cannot prove if it was anchored/onlined before or after changes.

He did not. You are missing what I am saying. I can only repeat myself at this point. He did not have to be present to get put on the killmail on its death.

He gets a buddy alt to push him faster. C’mon. It’s just occam’s razor to cut through these questions. Just say it: he’s a dirty, dirty hax0r.

stop trolling. this is a serious post. dont hijack it!

That it is not.


i didnt ask for sensationalist replies. i asked for real answers. but nice to see you were the first to answer… Adrian!

go read some more before you come back and embarrass yourself even more. you can’t remove cores from structures! you can only unanchor structures and then scoop the core separately like the modules.

it was fully fitted and it had fuel in its fuel bay. so it was online and not abandoned. you have all the info on zkillboard. you sound like Adrian trying to defend yourself!

a structure goes down in 15 to 20 minutes. with the amount of pilots and dps on that one it probably died in 15 minutes. so asuming he was the first to shoot it and then immediately burned to Apamake to kill that Heron, it means that he made the 41 jumps trip in 15 minutes. IMPOSSIBLE!

what? he bumps himself for speed? listen man! we see him bumping at these speeds by himself all the time! come to Tolle and Aydoteaux and see for yourself!

yes! we suspect that!

You did in every other post on this character. Safe to assume this thread was also sensationalist.

This, I did not realize. Figured it could be taken offline and the core removed before the update went into full effect, but have no experience to verify how the updates affected structure mechanics during the different phases.

So that would be proof that it was anchored before the update, since it appeared online without a core, and since modules could not be equipped without being online.

All structures follow this rule explicitly? I’m just trying to sift through the vast generalizations.

I’ll have to take your word for it, I guess.

Prove it!

this is my forst post on this character. but nice try Adrian!


not a clever reply.

read my initial post. you have all the proof there!

Couldn’t he just use a jump clone? Just has to have a ship in both systems.

Errr… nevermind. You mentioned three systems here, not 2.

Maybe he has an alt with the same name, except an extra space at the end?

Those kills are on the same zkillboard page. see the screenshot. God! I swear some of you people are just clueless!