The truth about Adrian Vexier!

Your posting history speaks for itself.

Well, considering this whole topic is ad hoc conjecture, I’d say this whole thread is devoid of cleverness.

No. What you have posted is exactly what Adrian wants you to post. He sets up alts and manufactures the scenarios to appear disingenuous.

This thread is like the ones regards Kusion and how so many players accuse him of command broadcasting and hacking, when in fact they just don’t understand the man’s methods.

Or more likely: it’s way easier to cry hacker than accept that you are bad at something.

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Bumping has been nerfed since 2019:

It’s so easy to escape a bump now that most of the dedicated bumpers aren’t even doing it anymore.

If you shoot at someone and they die without a session change (eg. jump gate) within 15 minutes, you’ll be on the kill.

So he:

  1. shot at the Fortizar in nullsec in the 15 minutes before 04:23
  2. clone jumped (or was killed and podded back to his home station in highsec)
  3. then killed Selman in highsec at 04:23
  4. in the same minute, the Fortizar died, so he was on the kill for that

It’s not strange at all really.

How do you know this? Based on zkillboard?

If based on zkillboard then what it means is he hasn’t given zkillboard the scopes to access his killmails, but he posts his kills via the post link.

His losses don’t get posted, even though they occur.

Otherwise, what is your proof of him evading CONCORD?


it’s not ad hoc conjecture. i presented real evidence and you try to make a mockery out of it. i kindly ask you to either sustain or refute my evidence or explain what he did or simply get the fwck out of my thread. it’s pretty obvious by now that you are one of Adrian’s alts trying to shut this down! mister 5.0 sec standings after just 1 year…

Ok so

and then

i don’t know if you realize but you just shot yourself in the foot there. if he shot at the fortizar in nullsec and then got podded to highsec… wel… he’s not in the same system anymore, dummy! by your own logic he was there when the fortizar exploded and also there when he killed the heron.

how does he maintain 5.1 positive sec status then? argument fail!

You claim evidence, but all you have are correlative dots on a scatter plot of Adrain’s activity that you are privvy to. Plenty more goes on that you will never be privvy to. As another player above me mentioned: Adrian doesn’t have to let anything be posted on his killboard. If he only posts what he wants, that further supports the narrative that he spins falsities to make players like you cry hacker.

What evidence? I see an action log. Evidence that he was actually a hacker would require more than a few snapshots of his actions. You brought the claim forward. The burden of proof is on you, which is why I goaded you into crying “hacker” when your OP remained ambiguous on that term.

Completely ad hoc. You brought “strange” and “peculiar” evidence forward and I needed to force the claim out of you. This is a poor persuasive effort.

Is that suspiscious, too? Just call me a hacker.

If you shoot at someone and “they die” (not you die).

The fortizar died within 15 minutes of him shooting it.

He doesn’t gank maybe?

What is your proof that is ganking at all?

ok I’ll give you that. his zkillboard really seems doctored with almost no losses and thousands of kills.

i cant directly accuse someone of hacking without having direct hard proof. and what do you know? i dont have his game logs or game server logs! but we can dig into zkillboard and also screenshot him in space. and on that note - search him in game now - he has 5.1 positive sec status on a 2017 toon. HOW???

well how the hek did he attain 5.1 sec status on a 2017 toon in the first place???
and you want proof of ganking? here:

all solo all highsec! most on miners! i posted only the recent ones. his killboard is full of such kills. posting them all would take ages!

Do you know what suspect baiting is?


what if I told you I saw him with my own eyes warp in an ice field, kill a mining ship and then quickly warp back?

I’d say 1 of a couple of things:

  1. he was suspect baiting and you didn’t see the part where he got the limited engagement before changing ships, coming back and killing the mining ship
  2. he was suspect baiting and you just didn’t notice that he was suspect and that mining ship engaged him, so he was free to shoot back
  3. the miner had a killright that he activated or was suspect some other way (least likely of the 3)
  4. he sent a duel request and the miner accepted it (least likely of all 4)

and if you are going to then say you saw with your own eyes that he wasn’t suspect and neither was the miner at any point when a limited engagement timer was activated (and you can’t see the limited engagement timer), then I’m going to call you a liar, because it is impossible to gank and warp away.


yeah… so does having a +5.1 sec status on a char before 2010 or so. and his char is from 2017. so don’t talk about impossible!

and how about the 3700 m/s bumping mach?

If it’s impossible, how has he done it? Clearly, it is possible.

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His sec status is 5.097852462 (rounded to 5.1 in game). I know it’s really hard to go above 5.049, but clearly it’s still possible.


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how did you come to that number? did you pull it right out of your… nose?

its impossible with normal game mechanics. possible with… ‘magic’…

Yeah, right outta my nose. Totally like a magician:


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