10 hour fights not fun

In the form of a questions: How is this fun?

Explanation: I got into a fight with a hauler while in my first battleship. Neither of us could kill each other but he had me held so I couldn’t run away for about 10 hours. I eventually just walked away and let him win somewhere a couple hours from downtime.

It was the last time I would play. I’m ok with losing isk, ships or fights but this ability to troll someone and control their fun indefinitely is why I choose to quit. Other than that it was a fun month and I would have re-subbed. Not looking for advice or feedback on how I should toughen up and take it, because I am already gone and won’t comeback. This is just new player experience feedback.

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It’s a pretty rare experience tbh and can be countered very easily, but good for you deciding to quit. All the best.


I mean, it takes a while to grind through a BS tank with a single Light Neutron Blaster II.

On a serious note… Everything about this engagement could have been avoided by yourself. It is always easier to blame the game, instead of learning the mechanics.

For anyone else who would ever find themselves in this insanely rare and self-inflicted situation, where you have no other option to remedy the situation, just eject yourself from your ship.


Battle Nereus Strikes again !


Welp, sorry to see you go, but as you wish.

You lost a Myrmidon, which is a battlecruiser not a battleship.

Guy must have outfitted a hauler with a point (warp inhibitor) and a stasis webifier to help kill your drones. I think haulers can only fit one turret, so he pecked you to death with one (medium?) gun? Can haulers fit smartbombs? Dunno.

It happened in hisec so unless you guys were in a declared war (wardec) CONCORD would have blown up whichever of you agressed the other guy…but you were in federal navy academy npc corp and npc corps cannot be wardecced…did you maybe accept a duel request from the hauler?..just trying to figure out what happened from the killmail.

That does suck but seems like a fairly rare situation.

Again, sorry to see you go. Bye I guess.

Nereus can have 1 neutron blaster + neut and 3 drones. Add to that a ton of cargo space for cap boosters and that’ll be a truly long battle. But dual rep myrm should be able to outtank it regardless until downtime or until Nereus gives up or just kill its drones.


Odds are the person in the hauler was someone experienced.

Probably took out the OP’s drones first then orbited at close range so the OP’s guns would be ineffective.
After that, it would just be a matter of time.
But given the number of cap rechargers on that Myrmidon, taking out the tank would be hard even with an energy neutralizer.

The OP will be back. One day. :slight_smile:

One day, the memory of being picked apart will come back… and a wheel will turn in the mind. “How did that person actually kill me??? He shouldn’t have been able to! I must learn more!”

Alternatively, the OP tells one of his friends about how he was picked apart by a “weak-ass hauler.” And said friend will become curious… because there is something alluring about killing a bulky combat ship in another that not really designed for combat.

And that it how we get a new player in the game. :slight_smile:


So OP was a new player, and like most new players, completely inexperienced at the game. Had one bad match, and instead of reaching out for help, or even convo-ing the guy to explain the situation, just gave up and left EVE forever.

We don’t need players like this in EVE. Frankly, htfu or get out and good riddance.


Good day, everyone! Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Adrian Vexier and was the capsuleer piloting the Nereus in the aforementioned Myrmidon vs Nereus battle.
This post has come to my attention and I felt obliged to respond.
First of all, I want to publicly express my regret for Hunco Rock’s departure from Eve. He put up a valiant fight and showed much potential, it is a real shame and loss to see him quit.
Second of all, I will clarify the battle:

  • Hunco was running an NPC rat site, piloting the Myrmidon.
  • I warp in with the Nereus and steal from a wreck, consequently becoming yellow-flashy suspect.
  • Hunco targets me and fires. This was his first mistake, albeit an understandable one, since I was in a tier 1 transporter.
  • I target him back, fly to him and when in range, I latch on to him and then pull out my drones and started firing… at his drones. This was his second and most costly mistake, because although he had a MWD on, he let me close in and didn’t kite me.
  • Once I grinded through his light drones, he pulled out 5 Orge I’s, I tried killing them, but he pulled them back in - a mark of skill, I appreciated that.
  • Now the battle was going on, and as you can see from the killmail, he had 2 armor repairers and 1 adaptive armor hardener. His fit was not cap stable with all 3 of these survival modules activated, but was cap stable with any two of them activated. However, I also had an energy nosferatu draining him and this left him cap stable with only one module on, or maybe, I strongly suspect, one armor repairer and the adaptive hardener, but certainly not both armor repairers on.
  • Now concerning my DPS vs his rezists and reps. My exact Nereus fit is classified (sorry, guys!), but I will say that I had a Neutron Blaster II on, an energy nosferatu, a warp scrambler and 6 light drones, of which I could only use 3 at a time. Now during the battle I saw that if I shot my blaster at him and an even spread of drones, then after 2-3 salvos, the drones kept doing much less damage. I suspect that this was because of the adaptive armor hardener. The same thing happened regardless of which drones I used. The exact drones I used for the kill is classified, but I will say that I used 2 different damage types on the drones and a third damage type - thermal, evidently, on the blaster. This seemed to yield the highest damage to him and I was doing more DPS with this configuration versus his one armor repairer and the adaptive hardener could repel and heal. But, my NOS wasn’t enough to cripple his cap so he could activate his second armor repairer once every 5-10 minutes, enough to replenish his armor to 100%. So, in effect, while he was at the commands and managing his modules, he was cap stable. So I Pulled out a bad spread of drones intentionally, to that I couldn’t do enough damage, hoping that he will feel comfortable with one armor repairer and the hardener continuously on. And, after a time, he did. I tested him several times by pulling in my drones and stopping the blaster, then shooting again and he seemed unresponsive. Suspecting that he went AFK, I pulled out the correct 2+1 spread of drones again and started firing my blaster again. This time, as his armor went down, he failed to activate his second repairer - a clear indication that he was AFK. This final assault took from 09:06 to 09:43 Eve time, so a fair 37 minutes of grinding with several blaster overheats. As it can be seen in the zkillboard entry, the whole thing necessitated over 788k damage to achieve, from the fist shot to the last.
  • To sum it up, it was an interesting and entertaining battle for me, clearly the longest one and Hunco has earned my respect for it. I am sorry he wants to quit and I do hope he will come back. The kill took place an hour and 17 minutes before down-time, so if he was attentive, he could have dragged it a little bit more and saved his ship. Eve is a game of wits, subterfuge, wisdom and patience. In this case, I was more patient and I was rewarded.
    Note: this has been my first post in the Eve forum, I hope it was useful.

Adrian Vexier - “Stay safe and fly dangerous”


Interesting, Adrian, thanks.

That’s a long fight, though.

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A fascinating tale, thanks. Re: the above quote - what actually happens if you’re in combat when down-time arrives ?

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Are you really quitting the game because of one in game event like this, rather than learning about what happened, how to counter it etc. I am normally pretty tolerant but did you expect no set backs in game. You say you dont care about loses etc but you clearly do, because you are quitting because of one pretty rare even rather than trying to learn from it. Good luck with all the other games you’ll quit because of something like this.

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You do not want to learn anythg from your losses in a pvp game. You prefer to leave? good riddance
Go back to a usual casual mmo, where npcs will give you tasks and missions, and will congratulate you and tell you how awesome you are


This story wants me to dust off the battle Nereus from my early days in EvE. I think it must be still somewhere, and never died.

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If you are in combat while down-time arrives, then the engagement is stopped. More appropriately, the EVE Universe on the Tranquility server stops. Most important is what happens when you log in after: the engagement is off after the server restart. So in effect, if you are in a battle in high-sec and down-time arrives, then after the restart, you can log in immediately (or at a random later time) and you will not be in an engagement anymore. But be careful to pull your drones and/ or probes in right before DT, because if you don’t, then they will remain in space and could be scooped up by other players after DT.

Adrian Vexier - “Stay safe and fly dangerous!”

Tipa Riot, battle Nereus? What is that? I just use a normal transport fit with cargo-hold extenders and low-friction nozzles…

Adrian Vexier - “Stay safe and fly dangerous!”


Thanks for the info.

Drones survive DT OK, but Probes disappear altogether - guess how I know :flushed:

If you are ever in that situation and you don’t want to be stuck you can offline all your modules and self destruct same with your pod 2 minutes and your unstuck, but better luck in your future adventures mate o7 all the best.

Exactly that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of those fits made me smile really deeply.

I need more of those killmails in my life. :slight_smile: