10 hour fights not fun

I’m glad people like them. Here’s another lulz kill: https://zkillboard.com/kill/72718109/

Adrian Vexier - “Stay safe and fly dangerous!”


I f@@@@ing lol’d.

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Thats not even amusing, it just looks plum painful - how long were you there for??

10 hours.

“All good things come to those who wait.” - Ancinet Jovian Proverb

Or did you mean the Athanor kill? That took about 2 - 3 hours.

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Anyone figured it was about ONE hour, not 10?! :wink:

Actually if this would have happened to me early on I would have been totally excited about this game.

Tipa Riot, the final assault on the Myrm took from 09:06 to 09:47 EVE time, so 37 minutes. But the whole battle took just about 10 hours. I had to wear him down morally and trick him into believing I left, in order to get him to go AFK and leave only one armor repper on and the adaptive hardener. And yes, if this happened to me early in the game, I would have been excited too, because it shows that battles can be close and necessitate action and active game-play from the player, and it’s not just click-point-shoot and also that the tide of the battle can change, not all is clear from the start. Again, I am really sorry he decided to quit and I hope I will see him come back and see some kills on his zkillboard page. He fought valiantly and showed potential.

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You had the patience to stalk him 10 hours??

Yes. (I know this answer will haunt at least half of the capsuleers that will read it). But I must admit, I was semi-afk for most of it.

You, sir, are a true EvE Nerd.
I rip the “eve nerd” insignia off of my EvE-themed gaming jacket and throw it to the floor. I then bend the knee before you and offer you my gaming mouse. I am not worthy.


This is pure EvE @Adrian_Vexier. I salute you!

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Awww… what a little insecure, self padding carebear. So you baited me into baiting you. That must a new type of Eve game-play. And I got out of shape in private convo? Care to expand on that, or are you just here to throw shallow and unsubstantiated attacks?
As for the fit, go ahead and share it, it’s all you will ever be able to do relating me in the game, as you will never have the courage nor the valor to PvP me.


I accept your surrender. :slight_smile:

Not a surrender, anyone can scan a ship sitting there in space. But few people can be as smug, low and unworthy as you, as to try to make a profit off it.
Next time, accept my challenge!

I bend my knee with you, I take the mouse, I grab you by the shoulders, I raise you up, I look into your eyes and with a lump in my throat and raspy voice, barely controlling my emotions, I utter the words: “You are worthy! And I am honored to accept your gaming mouse!”

Stay safe and fly dangerous!

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Doesnt that title belong to these mad guys: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/05/14/eve-online-diary-titan-hunters/ ? Stalking prey for 3 years…



It is simply a “pimped” passive shield tank.

We were doing that with Drakes and Myrmidons back in the day. Maybe even the odd Dominix if someone was feeling cheeky. :wink:

Something fishy is going on here. Are you making alts and killing them?

Like how are you killing Myrmidons and Dominixes (pluralisation?) with 3+3 lights? That Domi has hobgob IIs and 10 hornets in its bay. How could you outdrone that? Can you recall and relaunch fast enough, and can’t they also hastle your ship with heavier drones while this light drone tit-for-tat is going on. I’m am confusion!

And what is with the Narbinger? It’s just pure ALOD bait. Beams, Pulses, Arty, Autos and two railguns (no blasters in the hangar?). Mix in invul with no booster, hull repper, some plates and some drone mods (but only salvage drones) and make sure not to fit any rigs. Leave to bake for 30 minutes and…bingo!?

I just don’t get it.

Put the fit into simulation and you get that none of the ships in question had the DPS to kill the Nereus. Also I assume the fights were quite long.

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