Tyrannos Battleship got ganked hard by Frostpacker

That’s right Drifter scum of the Artemis Tyrannos.

Come at me in your dinky little battleship with your bozo ai friends.
Showed you a thing or two!

Frostpacker can Eat your DD all day long.

Shame you have to cheat and bring friends to the fight. What was that Artemis Tyrannos?
A little scared were we? Yeah you should be as you exposed your loot to me. You showed me what to bring to the next fight and I am now going to farm the rest of your fleet.

10 minutes of good old ganking Tyrannos Battleships

/More to this story, stay tuned.


I always wonder how people can play this game for any length of time,and still have a terrible UI setup. People put in so much effort in to doing 3% more dps here, getting 5% more tank there and then they shoot themselves in the foot by having a horrible UI setup that wastes time and makes it nigh impossible to keep an eye on it all.

Either way, nice explosion :stuck_out_tongue:

That must be fun…

How nervous are you about getting pounced?

I was more scared of losing her to other pilots and letting them have the free kill.

I knew at the start I would lose but I wanted to see the damage after you down their special blue shield.
The loss of my first dread was a chapter in a book. I have my attention towards fighters and training for Carrier pve.

At the start, I was reading up of them and was trying to find out the sort of loot. I was almost not going to do it and park it like I was scared.

Told myself so be it, lets see what happens and a good thing about the video clip is i did it my way.


Thanks and well done…

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all you needed was a shield booster to effectively kill each one and rep back the loss form the DD. would it have killed your tank ability against the DD to have a Rep fitted?

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Would it work to shoot the shields down to just before they’re gone,
then let someone else wipe the rest of the shields,
to have the DD hit him instead?

You’d be working through the shield regen with your high dps ship
and could work through the last 0.01% using something way cheaper.

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Would really like to clean up that U I use, it’s a copy from someone I had seen though I’m sure it could see some changes to where the mouse travels smoother as I sometimes try to find my way around the screen.

With the shield purger rigs fitted along with other passive shield regen modules I had found I couldn’t maintain the shield due to the inward damage being slightly greater. Both the em and thermal resistances were under 70%.

Those Drifter Battleships might be better suited for a small fleet. I am still very fresh in new Eden and am always open for opinions and advise.

Blue loot is interesting just for the fact that something has a chance to drop, to me that is always a good reason to farm even though the frill to me is being able to fit and use a ship to try and defeat such pve content.

I’ve heard complaints about UI setups before, but I have yet to find someone explaining what a good one looks like. What layout would you recommend?


Not saying it’s wrong™ but it’s very easy to optimize, so why not do it.

The actual setup depends on what kind of play style you’re doing at that time, screen resolution, scaling and whatever else but there’s some basic logic and reasoning you can always apply.

  • you want to minimize mouse travel. That makes it faster, easier and requiring less effort, effort which can then be used to keep awareness up. So the distance between overview (for targeting), targeting icons, selected item window and the module icons should be kept to a minimum.

  • you want to have all important info and windows on the same side, or even in the same quadrant. That again makes it easier to glance over it all at once without requiring more time and effort (effort that, again, is better used for your awareness) than is needed.

Here’s an example, I mostly do high sec combat exploration atm so my local window is meaningless to me, mostly. I’m more interested in my probe scanning window, overview and being able to target and shoot stuff with as little wasted effort as possible. So all my important windows are on my right side (it’s generally easier to read things on the right side of the monitor) and everything that’s needed for targeting and shooting targets is in the bottom right quadrant.

So obviously don’t do exactly what I’m doing, just realize that depending on your play style and other variables you can very quickly make it so much easier on yourself. It will of course take time to adjust but it’ll be worth it.


What Theron said and use hotkeys and the radial menu for everything. Hotkeys always beat the mouse.

The best part about the radial menu is that you can finish the command before you can actually send it. Like warping to a bookmark, at distance. As soon as your ship gets out of warp, the command will be ready to be sent. Saves you a second.

Also make sure you don’t need to pick up the mouse to cover the whole screen. The higher dpi you have, the higher sensitivity it has, the less you need to move your wrist, the faster everything is. Might need some training, but pays off bigtime. Or fiddle with the mouse settings in Windows.

Also, turning off VSYNC aka “immedate mode one” reduces input lag.

Also also … manual piloting will always beat using the “approach”, “orbit” or “keep at range” buttons.

@Theron_Larkis … We both have more or less the same setup. That’s fascinating! Where you have your drones, I have a seperate bookmarks window, the rest is equal.



I want the 30 seconds I spent watching this back.

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Your UI would be complete crap for fleet fights.

I’m sure you realize that though. :smile:

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Uhm, yeah. I only mentioned it once or twice.

The actual setup depends on what kind of play style you’re doing at that time

Here’s an example

So obviously don’t do exactly what I’m doing

depending on your play style

Well, the one you were critiquing is set up for fleets fights…,
And is a variation of one I used for over 12 yrs in fleet fights.

So your statement below is fairly, mistaken,

His UI is crap for everything, that includes fleets. It’s like people who tend to be in fleets a lot can’t read or listen, they need everything explained in memes and repeated 10 times.

And STILL they jump the @#$$@#ing gate.

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Of course…

Mines very similar to, though I dont use Selected item

This UI suits my tendency to mine ice where I have plenty of free time for extra mouse travel

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I can see the position of the targets and by having the drones above instead of below the targets would help I guess. The main point in that setup is eye travel in relation to the module cycle, ammo remaining overhead and damage incoming etc. I see the targets right on the spot where main fights are focused and on a very large monitor having the targets at the very top would cause both neck and eye strain.,

I wonder the monitor setup too please @ Theron Larkis
Then I guess we can leave this thread as the chapter is closed.