Solo Loki vs Triglavian Horde (endless waves)

You ever just clear multiple coalescing waves of Trigs just for a group of battleships to steal your last 2 cruisers?

And there yours, how?

It’s sarcasm bro. It was just funny doing 90% of the work just for a group of slow scanning battleships to come munch on the cruisers. When I know for a fact they would’ve folded on these waves.

Can’t wait for Phase 2 of these invasions CCP. Very good content!

I watched this happen to a Loki yesterday. It was piloted by someone who had already complained on these forums that they could not get through the waves quick enough before being interrupted.

The irony is I have seen a rattlesnake effectively solo these sites by going even slower than a loki, but at the same time taking out the wrecks as they went. Meaning any interruptions on the last few kills had reduced impact.

But nice to see someone expressing enjoyment from this event. As a miner/salvager it has been of limited earning value so far, but it has been both informative and entertaining.

He probably wasn’t prioritizing targets correctly. As a loki (or any gun platform for that matter) you absolutely want to clear all Ghosting types or you’re just going to sit in space indefinitely getting nothing productive done. Once they’re down to about 1-2 you can cleave through them pretty easily.

The issue happens when the waves constantly send out more Ghosting types and they’re just stacking the hell out of disruption on you. If it ever exceeds 4+ then there’s probably no way you’re clearing anything at that point. I digress, it is definitely fun and very lucrative solo. I’m just waiting for these frigates to upgrade to cruisers and BC with the occasional BS.

Then i’ll actually need someone to party with.

I did watch a cruiser get close to soloing a site, and much quicker, by basically moving as fast as they could around an MTU and picking them off his tail as he flew. This was at about 100 km distance, which also gave me the opportunity to salvage some of the wrecks. But I digress.

Me and my bud did exacly that, except we actually rekt everything we came across with Vindi and Rattle.
One time we had a half an hour non-stop waves of trigs back in stage 1 that ended with Zorya and horde of idiots trying to steal our ■■■■ (unsuccessfully). Maybe they got salvage from a couple of wrecks i dunno.

any chance to get your fit :smiley:

To give you an idea:
Root_er’s Rattlesnake

Notice, that web is key to success, just like in normal Abyss space when dealing with frigates. NPC damaviks has pretty big signature for a frigate, but speed is a killer.

remove that paint and use a third web :slight_smile:

Fascinating for a new player to watch such high end engagement… thanks… all that incoming… scary… no wonder the invasion is only for the experienced with more uber craft… lots to learn yet

Greetings, I am glad you are fascinated! But to be honest, real endgame content is T5 Abyssals or C6 wormholes. Us ‘experienced’ players are actually quite underwhelmed with the easiness and lack of reward with this first part of the invasion fleets. Before the carrier nerfs I could make 350-400m isk/hour easily by super ratting for minimal effort and risk. This invasion income isn’t even 1/4th of that.

get a 700-1000 dps (depends on missiles) HAM Tengu - this slowmotion Loki killing hurts… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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