Sold my damn loki

Yup, i did. Almost 2B in rigs, and modules. I loved that ship. Go anywhere, do most every site, put some hours on it. It was … Too good.
The Tengu, and Loki are easy buttons. As a credit card warrior, i dont mind losing ships, but its hard to lose a t3c dont care who ya are. And when you are flying an easy button, it’s easy to get sloppy.
So, i dusted off the old Stratios, put my explorin mods on it, and with my windfall from the sale of the Loki i was able to procure 3 cruisers for wander ratting.
A Rook, a Scythe Fleet Issue, and an Osprey Navy Issue. All three are around 500 dps, AB to just under 1k m/s and tank between 17k to 25k…
Doing mostly hi/lo scan sites and lo belts…
Any thoughts or suggestions?

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You are no longer worthy of the loki name… traitor, so you should biomass right away.

:smirk: :popcorn: :smiling_imp:


Gets a PvP ship, sucks at PvP , gets rid of PvP ship

  1. Get another Loki
  2. Fit with purple mods
  3. Jump into Uedema , and wait uncloaked for further instructions.

I like that term.

My thoughts: As long as you are having fun, go for it.

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The only actual answer. lol i expected as much. Thx yo.

Yes, i do suck at pvp. But i made 200 m in a couple hours in losec.
Im not a dummy. And if I’m going to lose a ship, I’d prefer it not to be worth 1.4 billion isk. So now, I have three ships and if I lose them no biggie… Because I know I suck at PvP. I fly what I want to afford to lose.

Not going to lie, I skilled into that ship
because of the name. I’m sure I’ll get another one eventually, but for now I prefer not to explode that much isk all at once.

No worries mate was just cracking a joke.

In detail: Only you can decide what you want to fly and what you are willing to risk, if it makes financial sense then obviously this was the right choice. But you knew this already even before posting the thread so kinda stating the obvious, so instead just thrown in the joke about your name and the name of the ship.

Anyway you seem to know what you are doing so I think you’ll be fine thus all I can say is:

Fly safe o/

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Trying to crack a joke, I’d stick to killright (bounty) posting.

But, if you want to be funny, become an anti gunker like Frostpuppy.

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I’d rather not take advice from someone that can’t process the difference between a killright and a bounty. I guess it’s no wonder Iceacid no longer listens to you.


He really is a bad puppy, it’s no wonder the princess no longer listens to him.

I do some wormhole wander-ratting and explo also. I use a Curse for that, not the best but it’s alright, and you get some “safety” from D-scan immunity. I wanted to get a proteus to do that next.

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