Loki, Tengu or Legion?

Let me start of by saying that I’m going to be skilling into a strategic cruiser and that right now I’m favoring the Loki, just because I already have a lot support skills which fit rather well with it, and it would be the quickest and easiest to skill into.

What do I want to use it for, primarily to safely solo hunt ships in WH space, and also to run combat and other sites if the hunting is sparse.

Thoughts, fits, are the autocannons arty really that bad? And most importantly COST EFFECTIVNESS. I know that these ships can be made to be super blingy but I also want a ship that can pay back for itself in a reasonable amount of time.

Bring it on T3C flyers, lay it on me.

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Usually I have a vague understanding of what people are asking but in this case, I am not quite sure.

Do you want to ask permission to train for the loki? I say, go for it.

Fitting a sleeper ship is a complex topic. There should be no wrong combinations, just combinations that don’t fit well together.

But you can just dismantle the ship, including the rigs and puzzle it better together.

And just to make sure, I doubt that all the possible variations of the loki will be posted here.

Cool, so fit a cloak and a scan probe launcher and happy hunting.

Well, Tengu is the slowest but tankiest so it’s a great contrast to the loki if you’re looking for shield tank.
Legion is your typical armor ship. Slower than shields less DPS but more application and tank.

I recommend tengu. I like missles. It’s a tanky shield crusier. I don’t need the hit and run speed of the loki. Tengu and loki shield tanked are both quite similar. I want to go out on a limb and say tengu might be cheaper… (check me on that)

Serve the state get a tengu!

You might want the legion for it’s neuting armed with ham’s . Personally I like a ham loki as like to keep everythig at a distance while smacking it with hams, then run like a little girl if I get spooked

Pick what you have the best set of supporting skills for, in the roles you want to use it. Loki is fine, although the dreaded “cloaky Loki” has been nerfed via the turret fitting requirements. Legion is my personal choice because of silly sentimental reasons. The Tengu is a fine ship too. Even the Proteus can be good in certain activities, but less of an all-rounder than the other three hulls. Eventually you’ll be able to fly all four of them. Pick the right skills and tools for the job, and don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. My first Legion loss was quite painful, lol.

Sounds like your first choice should be Loki. Go for it and have fun.

So HAM Loki it is. It’s what I was leaning into anyway. Any tips on what kind of tanking to use? I’ve seen people use a passive buffer fit, but that looks like it’s asking for trouble but people are mixing and matching things left and right.

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I found the Loki to be the most versatile. It’s not as tanky as the Tengu in PVE, but it’s still viable. And it really shines in PVP due to its web range bonus. If you’re solo hunting, I’d go with the Loki.

Legion is also good, but it’s neuting bonuses isn’t really useful against passive-tanked ships.

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Tough call, because a good fit will be in agreement with your intended purpose (which includes type and fit of target) and your preferred flying style. That’s also the first issue when looking at other people’s ship fits, trying to figure out how it is actually flown. I know, not much help there, but at least a hurdle exposed :slight_smile: For pvp it makes perfect sense to go for a buffer tank if you have high alpha at range, as an example. For pve, especially if you try to tackle wh sites, an active tank will be a must (see for instance Fit Kitchen: The Loki » Ashy in Space where she demonstrates a dual tanked Loki).

You fight what you can kite with the buffer ham loki, the web keeping your prey out of range. If I used the ham legion though , would get in close and drain the target dry, the buffer just having to last till they are defenseless. Both of them will be doing about 600 dps. The advantage is the loki can escape if a trap as not scrammed.

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