Tangu or loki with heavy missiles

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i am planing to train for one but icant decide i prefer long range of tengue but loki has a drone bay
what will be beter to train for

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Both. :wink:

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More info needed… PVE or PVP? Have the Drone skills to make the drone bay worth it? If you’re PVEing, what space/NPC you tanking against? If you’re PVPing, what doctrines if any do your people run with? I used to fly Proteus a lot, but 90% of the fleets the alliance I was with were running were shield doctrines, so I would be screwed into flying tackle EVERY time. Play style? Isk to spend? A really good tengu fit is 2b, you can get away will less on the Loki IMO… Loki is more desirable in PVP with the webs, even for solo I would roll a Loki well before a Tengu. When flying Tengu, I have avoided 1v1s with Lokis.

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Tengu isnt just great for long range, its a great shield tanker too, with active reps i can make a good cap stable tengu fit.

Loki is great for both sheild and armor tanking, but its not really that great for PVE. I prefer my Tengu.

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they are both decent. Loki has better ROF and range but Tengu has better tank and slightly more DPS.

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Tengu for PVE, Loki for PVP

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Why no HAM legion?

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