Tangu or loki with heavy missiles

i am planing to train for one but icant decide i prefer long range of tengue but loki has a drone bay
what will be beter to train for

Both. :wink:

More info needed… PVE or PVP? Have the Drone skills to make the drone bay worth it? If you’re PVEing, what space/NPC you tanking against? If you’re PVPing, what doctrines if any do your people run with? I used to fly Proteus a lot, but 90% of the fleets the alliance I was with were running were shield doctrines, so I would be screwed into flying tackle EVERY time. Play style? Isk to spend? A really good tengu fit is 2b, you can get away will less on the Loki IMO… Loki is more desirable in PVP with the webs, even for solo I would roll a Loki well before a Tengu. When flying Tengu, I have avoided 1v1s with Lokis.

Tengu isnt just great for long range, its a great shield tanker too, with active reps i can make a good cap stable tengu fit.

Loki is great for both sheild and armor tanking, but its not really that great for PVE. I prefer my Tengu.

they are both decent. Loki has better ROF and range but Tengu has better tank and slightly more DPS.

Tengu for PVE, Loki for PVP

Why no HAM legion?

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