A fun story for all trolls out there in eve

ok since a few complain that this here is way too long, here the short version

i ran 4 months ago into this adrian guy, told him i dont believe his medals are real in his profile, he went angry, we bickered abit at each other for a bit. then was never seen again.

a few days ago popped this guy again up, he seen me in an expensive ship and is now super angry and upset that he cant 1v1 me in that expensive ship to add it to his killboard collection. since then trys he to force me via harassment and insults into a 1v1. he killed then 1 of my corpmates which was in an atron while adrian was in a his gila (gila vs atron… atron no chance anyways) and was totally proud of that kill and got a boner because of it. end of the shortversion, long version bellow,

so, a while ago (about 4 months or so) ran i into a player named “Adrian Vexier” it seems like this person is already known cause i got invited into a private chat after i mentitioned him in local. anyways, here the story. me and a corpmate flew around in nestors doing our conduits. then we seen this adrian vexier guy in local. i am often bored during conduits, so i look into peoples profiles and so on.

this post here will probably end into. “trolls loving this guy” and those which dont like peoples like this “hating this guy” i probably get flamed a lot for sharing this story here aswell, but i am prepared for that xD oh yes, i apology myself for my weird english in advance.

so, this guy seems to be very proud of PvP kills. he has lots of medals in his decoration tab.
the weird thing here is that those medals are often so detailed written about what he has exactly done in those battles or like killed 100 pps in 1 month (i doubt that any CEO/director would keep track of that, they have better things to do) that it looks like he given those medals with alts to himself.

fun fact. he got very proud of it that he killed one of my corpmates in a gila while my corpmate was in an atron focusing fire on a mobile depot. but to this come i later.

so, backthen blocked we this adrian guy i kindof did a mistake on my own which i admit. because i said to him “i doubt that a CEO/Director given you these medals. noone would have the time for that if you are in a big corp” and i stil lregret this. i shouldnt have done that.

so, now this guy is back.
he placed secure containers around my station etc. to lure wardec corps/aliances to it to wardec me. sad for him is that my station wouldnt be worth it. + this guy probably never heard about the rule “dont own what you cant replace”. so what if that station gets destroyed :yum: :yum: well ok its gone and you move on. if you cant do that in eve are you in the wrong game.

so, now come we to the hilerious part of this story “why is he doing all this now”
so, he wrote to me that he seen me in a marshal with the name “expensive” on it. he apereantly (so seems it) is now angry about it that he was not in time with his gang fleet around to gank me. cause the system lid up like a fire with all of his alts and D-scan had like 9 catylists in range xD whats funny here is that he says “1v1 me” while it was clear that it is a trap.

here is the thing. i flew this marshal over from kusomonmon to halle, i think he spotted me here with one of his alts, and then to fly it over to sell it in Azer which i did, he is aswell very angry about the fact that i named the ship “expensive” … a marshal is expensive or am i wrong here?
according to his mail to me is adrian vexier now angry at me that he cant 1v1 me and we came out of the station with PvP easy to replace ships and attacked his mobile depot units because he placed them down to write stuff like “wallet warriors here” and “officer modules in this station” blabla onto these mobile depot units, he aswell wrote several insults etc. as mobile depot names.

another fun thing is that he is VERY proud if it that i unanchor my station right now. he says in his messages to me very proud that he made me unanchoring my station. yea, thats kind of true but only toputt it back into a damn .8 system that he cant use those stupid secure containers anymore which made him aswell angry.

i dont even know what he wants to achieve with his secure containers. every corporation would clear out their stations if a troll comes and puts ■■■■ all over the place saying “attack this station” “officer modules here” whatsoever. its not really smart. fun thing is, i only have like 3 officer modules … or 5 … i cant remember edit … :those a deadspace modules not officer modules xD edit ends here: BUT I WOULDNT LEAVE THEM FOR SURE NOT IN THE CORPORATION HANGER WHERE IT COULD DROP IF THE STATION GETS DESTROYED!


another fun fact is that he´s whining about it that i made a ticket to a GM and questioning weather it is allowed or not to harass via secure cargo containers a player or even writing messages as names onto them to insult players etc. and seems to be scared now that he gets punished for it? i mean, i dont know if i mentitioned it before but it seems that adrian vexier had in the past already a lot of trouble with CCP if you look into his Bio.

now to the part where i mentitioned him in local, that he harasses us. i actually got told that this adrian vexier is close related to Mastercard. and Transgess.

so TLDR. if you run into this person ignore and dont interact with him, i mean trolls probably would love to play with him together or players in general which love it to destroy the fun for other players in eve. but the rest of the players should avoid him.


Sounds thrilling, thanks for sharing. o/




Cool story, bruh.


Well, this seems very fitting:


ya xD he would probably get a boner if he would see THAT many ships in front of my station and shooting at it … and probably writes a mail to me how much he enjoys it.

i seriously still laugh at it that he does all this ONLY because he seen a player (which was unfortunaly me …) in a marshal and wasnt able to gank his target in time. now he demands from me a 1v1 in a ship which is already sold ¯_(ツ)_/¯ gotta be faster!

i mean if you guys want adrian vexiers attention he flys around in the everyshore region , sit in an expensive ship and you have ALL HIS ATTENTION. prefferably a marshal! oh yes and name it expensive … ofcourse.

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Yeah, next time he sends you a message, send him that video as a reply.

That should get the point across. :wink:

Anyway, +1 for the story.

heh that is well written :smiley: . n yes i am the poor victim in the atron. https://zkillboard.com/kill/83809132/
i just found it super funny it took him a good 1:20 to pop me, missles and drones , totaly ignoring him the depot was a much nicer target also infuriated him more because i was able to make it explode as it was getting deployed XD anyway yes best to avoid him.

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9ft of text to say how very upset you are about Adrian, and how you learned a valuable lesson about keeping your opinions to yourself?

+1 Adrian for the content.


you readed it wrong.
i am not upset. i dont really care. i just wanted to share how hillerious it is that a player starts to stalk, harass and insults other players in eve online just because he seen them in a marshal. maybe you should read a bit further then to the point where i told him my opinion. cause his reason why he does this now is because he cant 1v1 me in the marshal which he seen.

thats hilerious. the person to which i talked to told me that he did the same thing with a lot of other players/corporations in the past aswell because of being upset that he dosnt gets his 1v1 with a certain player in an expensive ship. but good to see that you support hillerious peoples in eve online which whining about it that they cant get their 1v1.

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I read your entire wall of text. You care enough to come here and write all of that emotional spillage. You own an expensive ship, so you’re going to get people trying to antagonise you into losing it. Take it with a bit of style instead of taking to the forums to write 20 pages about how little you care :stuck_out_tongue:


ha! nope you didnt readed the entire text =3
cause if you would´ve done that would you know that the marshal got already sold.
i dont know why you want to force words into my mouth and emotions to the matter which i dont have.

if you really would´ve readed the entire text would you know how less i care.
and now shush. before you own yourself even further. dont even reply, i wont read ya stuff anymore xD

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Yeah I read the bit where you said you sold the Marshal. I reckon you’ve still got it tho. You seem really cut up about all this :cry:


Hi OP,

Okay, I read the story. You promised a “fun story,” but it ended up just being a fragmented jumble of anecdotes about some dude trolling you so badly that you wrote petitions.

And you own a Marshal and/or officer/deadspace mods.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t wardec you right now?

PS: This belongs in C&P.


Because you’re a forum troll.



Because war decs aren’t really a thing anymore.

Fair enough.

I’ll let the other people here decide your fate. What do you guys think I should do?

Hmmm, well, the PvPer wannabe did not impress me. If he wants 1v1 and the fellow has a setting to reject duel invitations, then he should take a cloaky ship and follow the target to somewhere where it gets busy, then decloak and call in his sock puppets or buddies with destroyers to do a suicide gank, by warping to him. His approach was silly, even though the harassment ticket may have been a bit over the top. (Think I would wardec a corp with a station because someone (not the station owner) posts misinformation all around it? Think again.)

Oh yeah…I’ve heard that name before…creative use of industrials iirc.

Seems like he got under your skin a bit OP.


theres no missinformation, PM me ingame and i send you the message which he sended to me and you get CLEARLY out of that message that he is extremely upset that he is not able to 1v1 me in the marshal AND DEMANDS that i 1v1 duel him at the same time. i could screenshot it aswell but i have no idea if he could do something if i make a mail which was private public.

edit: ok he didnt said marshal BUT. the fact that he would only wants to settle this with a 1v1 and trying to force me into an expensive ship is not a lie
like i said, if you want the full thing poke me ingame

and @Xuxe_Xu no, not rrally. the only thing which disturbs me is that he turned kind of into a stalker.
theres aswell a container outside my station which says “i own you kaabii” in like he is in possesion of me not in like “i beat you” i wrote him several times back “who owns here who? you are the one which wastes your time with us, if anything own we you and stealing your time” he only reacted to that with “i do with my time what i want” and i was like “ok, if you love it so much to waste your entire day with us, go on” ^^