Ganking pilots with rewards in hig sec?

Sometimes I see someone with a reward, but in hig sec. Considering this, i’m able to kill him or the Concord will attack me later?
I also need to higlight that the reward is from a player and not of the faction (in my case, Caldari, if I understood well)
I’m a new player and I don’t understand very well the hig/low sec stuff

If you mean Killright by “reward” (the pilot has a small crosshair in the top right of the Selected Items window and a small crosshair icon in the overview and local chat, you can activate this killright and the pilot is being flagged with a Suspect flag, which means you can engage them without concord intervention.
A word of warning, though: A lot of the kill rights are either scams (the target receives the killright activation fee on an alt and the insurance from the ship’s destruction if you manage to destroy them) or are lures to get you to engage them and they bring in logi or better ships to destroy you.

If you mean Bounty by “reward”, then you cannot engage them without concord intervention as a bounty is not a killright. It is just a sum of money someone or some people has put on the head of someone. You also only get a small portion of that bounty paid out. If you find a pilot with a bounty and a low enough security status (-5 or lower in high sec), however, you can engage these characters without concord intervention, too.


Dyver said everything. I would just add that if your safety is set to green (or even yellow), it won’t let you do anything that will turn you criminal. So no risk of being CONCORDed in this case.

Most kill rights are outright scams. The target often makes more off the combined kill right and insurance scam.

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in my experience most of the people that are legal to attack in highsec are doing it for a reason, and usually that reason is it’s a trap.

if you want pvp I suggest going to low/null sec. Also joining a group of other players is probably a good way to find some other people that will help you learn the pvp side to the game.


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