Making a Wardec Tutorial


If there are people who would like to join defending us for free:

PS: Making a tutorial for newbros on ‘How to handle being on the receiving end of a Wardec’. So i’m trying out all options and procedures I can find.

The real question is:

Are you guys actually going to fight back, no matter what?

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Most will probably not.
Some might get help from another Merc group or a Bunch of angry miners group.

The most important things is to :

  • Make sure no one quits due to the not understanding how to cope with being on the receiving end of a wardec.

  • Try and get those who organise and fight have enough different targets not to think “we can’t fight those elite gankers”. WIn some loose some.

  • Have people who won’t fight find alternatives to do or ways to avoid the wardec directly by going to a NPC corp or play on an alt for a week.

Those are just things from the top of my mind and it might be better when I have got enough information about all the Wardec permutations. I joined some wardecs to check on the stories behind them and how they are fought and what the casulaties are. It will take some time for me to make sure all options are in the “guide” to make sure people have a lot of options (that will all have consequences probably).

Reread the question.

Who is “some”? These “some” don’t appear to be you and your group?

I was talking about you. Let me repeat the question:

Note: Be more clear. I am not shitting on you, arguing or whatnot.

Should you just look at the zkillboard records for what your enemy is like first?

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I’m sorry, I understand now. I think :wink:

We, DZC will not fight back as we have no fighters. I am learning about Wardecs to make a guide so everyone can handle receiving wardecs. The PVP part is a bit much to cover and I will focus on the diplomatic and avoidance of conflict. The guide i’m making should explain the various options and what people can expect from each action taken. I am mostly trying to explore the Merc side and to see if they can offer some kind of protection (they can’t hold the miner’s hand 24/7 during the war).

Let’s get analytic. Need more input.

  • why can’t your folk defend themselves?
  • why can’t your folk use even basic combat, or support ships? ECM and sensor boosting at the front of this question.
  • are they unwilling to defend themselves, or in a state of self declared victimhood?
  • why can’t your people simply skill into catalysts and blasters?
  • do you have actual experience in offense or defense? Being an f1-drone doesn’t count.


I don’t recommend writing a tutorial, when you’re not in a position for writing one. You seem to be more on the victim side of things and that will just backfire eventually. You can not put the will to fight back, no matter what, into a tutorial.

Curious, please share more.


Eve Uni has pretty much anything anyone needs to know in order to properly prepare themselves for war. I think you making a guide is unnecessary. You might can comb through the wiki and see if you can find some tips that they don’t have listed, but you’d be better off just referring people there.


(1) We can’t defend ourselves because we don’t do PVP, we don’t even train to do it. We are a relax laid back corp that does mining, missioning and randomly help players outside our corp. We don’t recruit; only people I know in RL get invited.

(2) I think most of us can fly battleships and support ships but we have no experience in that. I know basics about it but people only log in once in a while and mining and doing missions is more fun as we are used to handling that.

(3) We are not in a state of declared victimhood, hence why I want to make a guide explaining the possibilities instead of saying Wardecs are bad -as they create a large amount of content for some players-.

(4) I wanted to say “We are a small Caldari mining corp…” aw who am I kidding, my friends randomly chose races and i’m kinda lazy on enforcing rules. We are probably too lazy or careless to actually go out and PVP. Most would just either quit the corp and mine/mission as we do it a lot solo too.

(5) We could skill into catalysts and blasters in some time, I can only speak of myself as i’m skilled into missiles and torpedoes :slight_smile:

(6) Besides one former member and one member that said he did a lot of PVP in the old days of EVE, none of us ever shot at another player ship on purpose.

Your last paragraph, I do understand, but I wouldn’t write one of ‘fight back’ I would write one of attrition. i have resources and don’t really need to play. All of our clannies pay their subs by subscription or buying plex so we can mine and mission for it but we don’t have to. Which obviously takes away the drive of most people to get resources as they see the end of the month close in.

This post wasn’t productive. I’ll write a better one…

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Luckily your deccers appear to be fairly amateur. If you bothered to raise a (ok) fleet they’d likely run.

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Rowdy Ronny, I can only make one suggestion if you really want to get some sort of a handle on wardecs.
Talk to someone who does it as a play style, you’re lucky one such person has posted a reply in your thread.

Good ole Dr Evil may not have imparted much info but you could try talking to Faylee Freir (not in the forums).
NB; Not saying Faylee will tell you all the secrets but may be willing to help you understand the mechanics and how to combat/deal with them.

PS; Don’t post your wardec history on the forums, it is likely to get you wardecc’d by every man and his dog - Just for the fun of it…

Some players did give me a lot of advise, lots of chatrooms visited, a few teamspeak servers visited a lot of nice people having fun in the game, every wardec victim should reach out and talk to the wardeccers. Ok, mayber one or two are really staying ‘in character’ and try to play the evil guy but most are very nice and will help in many ways to inform people and suggest many solutions iuncluding helping to train up PVP, fits, fleet compositions…

Don’t worry, I tested all permutations I could come up with and every advise I could find on Internet and a lot of tips from actual Wardeccers (yes, you are right, those other players aren’t the evil people we think they are outside the game) . (standard) Wardecs have no bearings on the functionality of my CORP (not clan… thx Faylee Freir!) now. I even added 10 extra ones to see if the procedures can keep our units safe while playing the game without a lot of changes.

Can I join your clan?

No, because I decided to change it into a corp. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rowdy, sorry to ask u, but why are you there? I mean: Eve is a pvp game, or at least a game in a pvp environment. If you wanna do pve only i am sure that there are numerous MMOs where you and your friends can play together, and in those MMOS the pve part will be much more developed and pleasant than in eve. In eve, pure pve is quite boring since you cannot fail, you perfectly now in advance which kind/numbers of npcs you will have to fight against and you ll choose the right ship to do that. No real “boss” with a complex strategy requiring very good coordination, etc
I could easily understand if you had said “we cannot fight back because theyr are too strong, they are too numerous etc”. But your answer makes me think you have not chosen the best game for the type of activities you and your friends like to do


I am here to play EVE Online. I have two subscriptions for my two accounts because I think paying $10 per account is good as the PVE in this game is awesome. I play a large part of the mechanics on the PVE side. Everyone is free to play whatever part of the game they like. Yes, doing only a few of the PVE parts of the game limits how I can play it but even with all those issues I like to PVE, so I guess your feeling of “PVE is bad” does not apply to me as I like to PVE and will continue to do that. I know a lot of players that like the PVP part a lot, to each their own I guess. And n contrary to most -if not all- games, PVPers here help PVEers patiently with a lot of explanations, training and other forms of help. This game is so large in options it keeps a lot of people going. Check the chart below and notice half of EVE Online is PVE. Yes, Being good at both PVE and PVP makes the game more attractive and intresting but the PVE part is ok for me.

Everything in EVE is PVP.

Your decision to mine takes away asteroids from your competition, pumps more minerals into the game economy fuelling supercapital proliferation, and decreases the ISK value of everyone else’s minerals.

So you already are engaged in PVP, just maybe not the shooting people’s ships type of PVP.

If you want to be effective, fit out dozens of cheap ships, get everyone into clean clones, and fight back at a time and place of your choosing. Set traps where someone mines in a Procurer with two warp disruptors, and you have a fleet of frigates in the next system.

Your goal is to take down one ship for each ten you lose. Do this, and most highsec aggressors will quickly respect you.

I’ve done my share of wardeccing, and we always respected people that gave a fight like that.

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All the activities on that chart are PvP activities, because EvE is a PvP game. Don’t confuse this to mean that everything in EvE involves shooting someone, because PvP is deeper than that. PvP means you are competing against real people in whatever it is that you are doing.

So as has been pointed out, where other games have PvE areas and PvP areas separately EvE does not. Everything you do in EvE is in some way competing with someone else, be it the guy hunting you while you mission in lowsec, the ganker blowing up your hisec miner or the other guy sucking all the PI juice out of a planet and reducing your income.

That’s what people mean when they say you cannot avoid PvP.

It’s better to clarify that you are happy to be hunted, because it makes your PvE more interesting. If you are suggesting that there should be “safe” PvE areas in EvE you’re going to get a huge amount of flack, and rightly so because EvE is at it’s very core a “PvP game” in the way i have outlined. To remove that PvP element in every activity would remove the very thing that makes EvE special.