A genuine question

Yesterday as I was going about my lawful occasion in and around Jita I received a message that a group I had never heard of had declared war on my corps. After looking up “Public Enemy”, there are a number of corps similarly named, I joined a public channel and asked why in the hell they had war-decced me. I told them that as I had a couple of alts not in my corps there would be no inconvenience to me as I could just use them and thus avoid the war that they had foisted on me.

In reply I was told to “stfu” which if it means what I think is does struck me as somewhat rude. So I said that I would allow them time to cool down and I would see them in a couple of weeks. To this they issued threats to extend the war and other such pleasantries.

My question is: Why did they react so negatively to me declining to agree to become a target for them to shoot at?

I’m too old to be any good at PvP, I’m an industrialist with neither the equipment nor the skills to survive an encounter with these people. See the thing is playing EVE is for me a discretionary activity, and taking a sabbatical from the game is neither a thing to be feared nor something that is going to spoil my day.

Why anyone should think that declining to become a duck in a shooting gallery for their pleasure is somehow wrong or cowardly is a mystery to me. EVE is at the end of the day merely a game, a complicated, difficult and rewarding game to be sure but still only a game. It is not the be all and end all in life that these characters seem to think.


Nothing says “Your wardec does not bother me!” like writing a forum post about it on EVEO.


They do this kind of thing just to ‘get the goat,’ so to speak, of players who will become irritated or annoyed. So don’t become irritated or annoyed, and just avoid the unwanted wardec as best as you can and go about your business.


People you at war with are not required or expected to like you.

See: any war


they are greifers, they look up something common like a name and war dec them all because they can and hope your stupid enough to undock and roam around. they don’t get me and ive been war dec several times by groups like that.

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The wardec is meaningless. As I said in my original post I have other things to do with my life.

I started this thread to really find out if anyone had an idea as to what this nonsense was all about.

I feel Beast of Revelations is right. They do it because they can. On the other hand I can refuse to go along with their petty games. The question I asked was why did they get so defensive and act like I was spoiling something that they had every right to expect.

Talk about feeling entitled.


They are PvP alliance… their only purpouse in this game is to send ships to dust rather they are i high. Low. Null sec… doesent matter… they are always at war. Always roaming… thats what they enjoy doing in this game.
Welcome to EvE.

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Without having the transcript it is hard to say, but it seems you were the rude one when you contacted them demanding an explanation for their actions. It’s a sandbox, and they are not required to justify their actions to you nor satisfy your curiosity.

If you don’t want to play with them, then use one of the many mechanisms you have to avoid the conflict. They took the initiative and threw down the gauntlet challenging you to a fight and you declined. Challenging you to a fight perfectly fine and even encouraged by the game mechanics so quit acting all offended that someone dared to invite you to play with them.


You can also hire an ally in your defense, which is just a matter of paying some ISK for the hire. Look in the Mercenary Services or Services sub-forum. The war mechanic will allow you to add the ally to the war (without permission from Public Enemy), and then they’ll be faced with them for the duration.

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Many corps/alliances just war dec everything they see in local to try to expand their pool of potential targets. That’s basically the only reason they do it: it’s not any specific thing against any specific group, just random. Most of their war decs don’t yield them anything.

Personally I’d just go roaming in null-sec, but everybody has a different style :slight_smile:

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Nothing says “I am a stupid person” like this kind of answer.
Respect the OP and accept his question may be genuine before calling him a liar.
This toxic behaviour is only entertaining for your friends, so keep it with your friends, in a private place.


Is it not equally the case that you got defensive (of your right to play in peace) when they declared war on you, and acted like they were spoiling something you had every right to expect (being left in peace).

No you.

Seriously, no.

Asking is not insulting.

Hey, hang on a minute.

I play EVE fully expecting to be ganked and attacked at any time and I have been many times in the past. I’ve been playing long enough now to know that total security is not what this game is all about and I take what precautions I can and try to stay safe. That is not what I posted about.

Anderson Geten got it right in describing my original post as a genuine query. Getting war-decced is meaningless as far as I am concerned. I can route around trouble like this, it’s not a factor. What did puzzle me was why they decided to wardec my tiny corps and the really rude response I got when I asked them to explain. I don’t give a damn what they do in playing EVE. I was just curious, not profane or insulting, or worse crying over the “nasty” corps picking on me. Just curious.

I’ve been playing EVE for a long time now and have been an habitué of GD for nearly as long and I am not surprised at the sniping and calling my motives into question, that goes with the territory. What has pleased me is that some on this thread have actually understood what my original post was about and have answered my question.

It’s somewhat sad to see that the manners shown on GD haven’t improved since I last visited, still I’m sure that I will drop by again, maybe.

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Welcome to the seething cesspool of New Eden, a game fraught with griefers.


You really do like making things up and talking to yourself don’t you? Where did I say insulting? Could you try just once to respond to what is actually written?

This won’t work in practice as all mercs are blue to each other.

To the OP: they just do it because they can, and with your reply to them and the post here, they already got what they want, salt.

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Yeah, we used to know tham as “Spotty Herberts” in my long vanished youth.


Hang on. I have answers for you.

The first reason why people would get defensive is : doing otherwise would reduce their activity income.

Let’s consider we both are war deccers.
We declare war on people, expecting to make profit by killing them in HS.
There are some conditions for us to make profit. If we can increase the probability of those conditions, we are making a BETTER investment.
Basically, what is better for us is worse for the target. So we try to force him into making mistakes.

So basically, we must acquire intelligence and prevents the target from gathering this intelligence.
If they convo us, and say they are used to war, we won’t get anything, well we have free intel. Then what can we get more ? Not much. However, if we answer them, we give them free intel.
So best is to close the convo once we got as much as we can, before we give anything.

Then it’s even better if we come to this forum and trashtalk everybody that could get help against us, so he wont get correct advices and will not come back here.

I did it several times. You don’t want the answer, don’t ask questions ffs.

I don’t believe you.

Going from:



Just doesn’t add up to me.