The whole war dec thing is stupid

As a new player I was invited to a corp. The corp is fairly new, but some assholes decided to wardeck, now they just camp out highsec for us to pass and kill us. Then when you get mad about them ganking you they talk about sportsmanship and stupid crap. That whole I can declare war and attack people wherever I want thing is stupid. You lost a new player, screw this game and screw this crap community. I don’t give a damn about your replies to this thread, you all can go tuck your cocks behind under your chodes and wear panties.

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Thank you for the tears.

Apparently your corp leadership weren’t competent enough to take the time to advise their rookies in the ways of dealing with/avoiding wardecs. That’s too bad.


If you reacted this way, the wardec looks justified :slight_smile:
Some learn EvE the hard way and some just quit.
I even more understand why being polite brings you some ISK and tips, especially when your opponent had fun in killing you before.


Man… i wish you had the balls to stay. I like your banter.

Anyway, you joined a corp so you agreed to the wardec. If you don’t want to get wardecced just don’t be in a player corp. There is a huge NPC corp that cannot be decced so you could literally have switched to that corp and been safe. Instead you came here to cry about how the game is broken because you had no idea how to play it. Please suck it up and give EvE another go, you’ll feel better for being a man about this.

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If you’re a sports fan and watch a match from the sidelines, you’re never subject to the same rules that being in a team imposes.

If you join a team though, suddenly the situation changes.

Same sport, but different situation depending on which group you choose to be part of.

It’s kind of like that in EVE too. The rules aren’t the same for NPC Corps and Player-owned Corps.

There isn’t anything wrong about that. It’s pretty normal.

Just like in sport too, the captain of the team can have a huge influence on how the team plays. In EVE, a good CEO knows how to handle Wardecs, whereas an inexperienced one, who’s never been in a good Corp before, is likely to struggle.

None of that is anyone’s fault, and certainly not the fault of the wardeccing Corp.

But CCP always provides an out. You can drop back to an NPC Corp at anytime and escape a war.

If you have a good CEO, you never need to, but it takes time for people to get good at the game, so it’s not a bad thing to do if they aren’t there yet.

But, the game isn’t for everyone and clearly it has defeated you OP. Good luck in the future.



the eve litmus test : shoot the newbro in the face and see what he does.


Thanks for playing :blush:

Yes you can leave a Corp and drop back to a NPC Corp. However, depending on when you drop will influence on if the wardec follows you or not, if the war is already ongoing at the time you leave the Corp the Wardec will follow you (incl. to the new Corp if you join another player Corp). However as NPC Corps can’t be wardec’d, your character will still remain part of that war until it ends. So if you wish to dodge a wardec you need to drop before it becomes active.

I see no newbie questions here, can you guys lock please?

Nope. Wardecs operate at the Corp level, not player level.

It cannot follow you to an NPC Corp. NPC Corps cannot be wardecced.

So dropping to an NPC Corp escapes the wardec always.

If a Corp drops from an Alliance at war, the wardec will follow the Corp. That is a different mechanic.

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Yeah, newbros reading this Scipio above is correct and the ISD is mistaken. You can leave your corp and rejoin the NPC corp and you are immediately out of the war.

The only restriction you will have after leaving a war is that you will be unable to rejoin that corporation you left for 7 days or until the war ends.


As the content of this thread is rather… inflammatory, I am going to be closing it.