Hello forumdwellers,
I have read the many posts about the “angst” of changes to corporations and the way wardecs are. Thanks to Stan Milller all these posts are void.

Let’s analyse our options :
‘Disgusting Men’ Corp was founded on 2018/10/23 21:49 by Jasper Smash [CEO] (mid 2018) and Stan Milller (end 2017). Grotman Aurilen (end 2011) joined a day later. 3 players… seems easy to defend against…

(1) Fight :

Okay… yeah, we will pwn this guy. Yeah, let’s do that, right? :smiley: What else can I say to my friends in the corp than “We will just wait it out while we play ‘7 days to die’ and ‘The Forest’ or ‘GTA V Online’.” When we are back, we have progressed some skills, researched and copied more BPO’s, manufactured more goods… the only way to play EVE Online is a little like in the movie Wargames.".

See y’all in a week or so. Not my $0.02 but $2.5. If you are not sure why CCP wants to change corporation systems, it’s to make it possible for simple ‘social groups’ not to be pwned by PVP extremists.

@Tora_Bushido, thank you for assisting us in this war. Be very careful with those guys!


I can only add one image per post, because i’m a forum noob :slight_smile:

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What am I looking at here? You linked a null sec killer killboard in your first post and an empty war report in your second. And you are looking at someone who seems to participate a lot in Bombers Bar fleets. And someone who likes to use Insta Locker Heavy Missile Gnosii for … combat? And who loses mining barges to ganks.

So, what are you on about?



also at @Markus_Reinhart
That guy is in a high sec corp now wardecking like crazy… seems like when you have ended a career of slaughtering in nullsec, people retire to win in High Sec and actually remove casual players from the game. But hey, if it wasn’t clear enough I guess I’ll add an article in eve-university… since clearly you can’t be bothered to look it up; In game try and click on the magnifying glass icon, select corporation, enter “Disgusting Men” click on info then just look at their creation date and wardecs they JUST STARTED. Yes, you are welcome. If you need more info on how to play EVE online just ask. You guys new?

No one cares .


I have no idea what this is about either. Apparently he has his panties in a bunch about something. :smile:

This is the most stupid analysis of a guys killboard I’ve ever seen in my Eve career.

The guy was in fleets of 50+ people doesn’t make him a God at Eve Online neither does it mean you have to stop playing for a week.

Jeez do I have to resub and destroy this kid just to prove a point.


There will be changes coming to wardecs, lots of posts on the forums about it.
Do you play? Do you even read the forums? Or do you just random post?


You will resub to… wardec me?
Better suicide gank me because if you have reading comprehencion trained to one you’d know what I do when wardecced!

OMG, the forums are way better than the game!

Your that stupid that you couldn’t even read my post correctly.

Just incase you still can’t, the war dec was meant for them.


Oh my! Getting personal! Resub, maybe you’ll have more fun than saying “I am a badass at eve online! Well, if I sub that is…” :slight_smile: amazing! :smiley:
edited the wait a week because that was kinda ignorant on my part :S

I can fully understand why someone would want to war dec you and take back my support.

This children is why people get war decked and leave the game for a week.


You should fight these guys, OP. This is totally do-able.

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Why are you personal again? :frowning: EVE Online people are so mean!
Oh wait, that was an expression :blush:
Anyways, don’t think you can easily kill him as he would most probably bail if the odds are against him. He can have an alt (with personal standings negative to his ennemies) in system just to check anonymously who is there waiting for him. He might be totally bad at PVP and just picks on people that can’t play EVE online like me. Thus making this guy that is bad at PVP very good at… PVP ?!

I bet he’s gonna bail if he gets opposition he can’t (or won’t ) handle. His killboard has practically no reds (unless those times against NPC’s)…

There’s only one way to find out. Fit out a few rifters and go get em, tiger.

Let go of your pessimistic assumptions and let your actions speak for themselves. He might be terrible at PvP, but think he is good. Lots of nullsec fleet PvPers are like that, until someone bursts their bubble.


I’ll ask my friends at school if we are going to try that but we actually want to do industry and let the PVP over to PVP players.

All players are PvP players, even you. The question is not whether you will participate in PvP, which you do every time you log in. The question is, when challenged, do you win or do you lose? Or if you lose, do you do it with style?

The fact is, whinging on the forums about big mean PvPers in a pure PvP game isn’t a great look for you, and will likely result in more people targeting you.

I have set up all my manufacturing slots. In a week everything should be ready. I’m in GTA V now, we can do the truck thing again!