Potential new AWOX tactic - brainstorming

Ok, thought of this pertinent to the new mechanics. Wanted to throw this out to artists who may have more interest in this area.

Idea is this: join an alt into a Wardec free Corp which has a holding Corp for its structures (basically everyone in highsec now)… and on another alt have either an old PvP Corp or a new Corp who’s name is the same as a closed PvP Corp to hijack the kill board… either way to try to have a good killboard to show.

Then, after a few days in Corp, mention to the leadership that you used to PvP and offer up your PvP corp for them to hold pos’s in order to avoid war decs.

Let them jump in, make their guy ceo… but retain shares.

Once the structures are in, initiate vote. Kick ceo, cash out structures.


Now that you spread it into the winds, everyone will know it , tnx! If you want to wardec there is an easier way.

1… choose a corp from many that has structures
2. . press the wardec button. Done!

Unless what you want is shoot people not prepared or not willing to fight, then it’s another issue.

Not sure that doesn’t fall under the “impersonation” rule. Rules forbid impersonating someone from a group you do not belong to, and when you point at the killboard of a closed corp declaring that this was your corp, then you’d basically be doing that.

I like the idea, but you should write a ticket.

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It’s been my experience that the topics of the C&P community don’t reach wide dissemination within the carebear community. I would encourage them to read these pages… but I’m just one man.

Because of their disinterest, we can converse freely here, with open hearts and kindness abound. Enlightenment reigns.

Your wardec suggestion seems problematic to me.

Clearly, wardecing these corps is impossible until after I run this scam… because I have no structures. Once I run this scam, I still can’t wardec them because they have no structures.

The wardec seems improbable under these circumstances.

It’s murky… I agree.

But the game lets you use Corp names that have previously been used if they are closed. The “born on” date of your Corp is not spoofed.

You could even admit how you manufactured your imitation PvP Corp such that your deception contains substantially less deception and no impersonation.

The deception happens through zkill’s imperfect handling of corp names… I’m not sure the EULA applies to information gleaned from zkill.

Or, many of us have an old PvP Corp lying around on an alt because we liked the kB.

You can use a single Corp like this over and over…

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Join any corp that have structures then.

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That’s exactly my idea. I’m going to join a Corp with structures.

I think we are on the same page now.

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While it’s a great scam, using the name awox for this sullied the original awoxes that were done in low sec with blingy ships at risk to do them with.
However, elegant scam.

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That might actually be your way to in-game legality, but I’d really first file a ticket about it, because us “bad guys” still need to follow the rules. Even The Joker pays his taxes to the IRS. : - )

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If they’re at the point of having made an actual holding corp for their structures, they won’t be dumb enough to transfer their structures into another corp when that PvP corp could just join as a defender ally in any future potential wars.

They will if you make their guy CEO…

This isn’t even right.
Awox was a guy who did his thing in nullsec

For the love of Bob, man.

Either way, it sure wasn’t highsec.

You don’t let having no idea what you’re talking about slow you down one bit, do you?

Oh no, I potentially mixed up an event (referring to the Famous Imp Apoc kill) over a decade ago if it was in Low sec or Null Sec, how dare I make a possible single mistake which was irrelevant to the point I was making.

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