Hi I know about corp safety but I have been away for 2 years so is awoxing still viable in high sec as I use to make so much isk from it thanks in advance you gorgeous people

:red_circle: Of course it is still possible.

Seen as 99% of eve dont use the forums I might setup my own corp in high sec no safety and recruit mission runners

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I don’t say that reverse-safari in WH with people bringing blinged Rattlesnakes that you later can kick out of corp/deny access rights and steal their ■■■■ would be a viable gameplay, but I’m surely aint saying it isn’t.

//Oxy (mail me in-game if you need help/backup)

I like your style I could do that too have both angles you’re a star

If you need help with ideas I know that a special monk has been seen in space again and is usual always happy to teach and help out.

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Are the belligerent undesirables making a comeback tour?

May there be much wailing, tearing of hair, rending of garments and gnashing of teeth if this is so.


I truly hope so I loved that group so much kill the care bears…

I’m a don’t care bear, groups like belligerent undesirables and CODE. make my activities in Eve worth more.


There should be a punishment for advanced carebearing

What do you consider to be advanced carebearism?

My punishment for being a don’t care bear is that I’m reviled by the carebears, which tbh is actually a bonus.

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It’s built in.

Hey. I’m very experienced in alt warfare, spying, but new to awoxing. Hope we can work together. (since you don’t mind contact me out of game because (this is an abandoned alt and I don’t log into it anymore).

Send me a message in game ishi

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