03 Vet looking for a High Sec corp

Subject says it all, preferably in Minmatar space. Looking for a friendly ‘carebear’ (do people still use that phrase?) corp, genuine new players to chill out and enjoy eve with.

Don’t ask about skill points, got enough to know it doesn’t matter. I’ve run corps, run alliances (one of the first in the game). I’ve been a sinner and a saint. Lived in High, Low, Null, WH.

Just want a friendly environment to enjoy eve in my old age.

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highsec carebear? I am a CEO and my corp does pvp so I dont think you would like it, but I am just wondering why would you want to stay in highsec and krab? Its not fun at all, and the only reason people krab is to pay for plex or PVP. Could you inform me how that is fun, because I am genuinely confused. I live in space with the second highest isk/hr in the game and I find it really boring just to krab, but that is just me.

He’s just looking for a corp is all. You’re not playing as him and he isn’t playing for you. Everyone can choose their own path in EVE. Thaylon I suggest you eve mail CaseyLP he is a good dude to talk to that can get you into a nice HS corp.

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I agree Casey is a cool dude

Thanks for the tip mate.

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Check Freedom Fighter Academy. It’s a Highsec training corp that does Mining, Mission Running, and PvP for newer players.

The corp is based out of Derelik with structures already in place to do any carebearing you would enjoy.

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