Returning player seeking high sec corp

I am returning to eve after around a year of off and on playing. I am looking for a casual all around corp. i have 116m SP.
Here are some informative links on my character

im not picky and dont really make demands so if there is anything you need to know feel free to ask. please message me here and not ingame because i am currently working on getting assets moved back to high sec in this time. thank you

Deablo Paco,

I’d like to offer you a position within my Corp. It’s a start-up PVP based group, based on the boarder of Caldari FW space for targets while remaining neutral.

Currently we are focused on growth and have no mandatory obligations. We do have access to Research and Manufacturing facilities and within the week, Reprocessing from a Refinary.

I’d also like to mention, as an Ex-Monkey, You’d be welcome in my corp unless you prove otherwise.

Fly Safe,

CEO - First Cohort
Exec - Romans

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