Come help make a name

Chill corp, fly at your own speed, learn from others, have fun make some ISK, lose some isk, have some fun.
Looking for self-sufficient pilots to build up corp and alliance in our section of low sec/wh space.

Some light Industry, PvE, PvP, mining ops, multiple time zones.

Our alliance is currently recruiting corps to build up a low sec presence, We are a small tight knit alliance and are looking for all types of players. We do everything from small gang pvp, fleet mining, mission running, wormholes and null sec roams. We are new player friendly with very experienced people always willing to help you thrive in New Eden.

SRP available, Discord coms, industry opportunities etc…

Join our recruitment channel or speak with one of the recruiters with any questions. o7

Recruit channel in game:
HMSK Recruitment

Bump! Come help build… uh… something :wink:

Bumpety bump bump

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