Faction Fortizar War Decced and can not get assistance due to game mechanics. Willing to give away station

We have a Faction Draccous Fortizar put it up to get a epic battle. So now the final timer is 12/6/2019 21:08 EVE time. We were decced By Phoenix Naval Systems. And within one minute their corp that had the structure for war Eligibly, left their corp. so now even though it says the war is open, they will get a message saying they cannot. By looking at their history, it looks like a game mechanics Phoenix has been using over and over.

Sent: 2019.12.04 10:02

Phoenix Naval Systems has declared war on WeR4 with Ono - Abhartach as the designated war headquarters.

Sent: 2019.12.04 10:02

There has been a development in the war between Phoenix Naval Systems and WeR4.

Diplomacy Star is no longer a member of Phoenix Naval Systems, and therefore a new war between WeR4 and Diplomacy Star has begun.

So, with other words there is ways for alliances to war decc you and nobody can assist or decc them back. This is proof of that

Don’t think CCP is against this.

So, this is my promise If anyone has the manpower to defend against a 35 man fleet. I will give you the structure. Tired of dealing with it. All you have to do is join Phycotic Reaction, if you win, I will make one of you CEO, as soon as structure is repaired, I will immediately transfer structure to Phycotic Reaction. And you can take the corp and station and do as you wish. Unless CCP intervenes. This is our only option at this time.

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if you just want to fight them join Phycotic Reaction

Of course you will.

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I can understand people think i wouldn’t. I do not want the station. its a huge target on our back. can not transfer it to my one men corp within the alliance atm because the structure is damaged. there is no way of getting rid of a station while you are perma decced, and do not have enough people to defend it. so now since they pulled what i considered to be a exploit, i cannot hire a defence. so yes. station is gone no matter what i do. i just would rather it not end up on our Zkill

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You should petition this as an exploit. Good luck, to have this happen when you did it to get a fight says a lot about Eve as a game. This type of bullshite drives off players and is often why I get so damned annoyed with CCP.

If it annoys Drac it’s probably a good and fun mechanic and I’m already a fan of it.


So to clarify, you now have two wars against you, one of which doesn’t have a war hq for you to target anymore nor any structure to make new decs?

Correct, the one with all the members in it. Can not get assist against . It will only last 24 hours. But that all the time they needed to take down the station

Ah so the dec has been made invalid and expires after 24 hours.

That sounds normal.

It was invalid since the first minutes. Gave them 24 cool down and took my station down without me being able to hire defence due to them not being war eligible

That is bull and they need to change it.

Well you shouldn’t be able to leave an alliance with the war hq during a dec , that should probably change.

But at least it means they only have 24 hours to dec. And to be fair, they can be still be shot by the defending corp.

So whilst this still working this is a good way to f-uck with people who use alt corps for all their structures.

Yeah we are outnumbered 10 to 1 , this is what assist mechanisms is supposed to be for

Plus they do this for every structure timer. No way to counter it


What if it was the other way round? What if the aggress attacked someone and the defender called in enough allies to make it 100 to one against the aggressors? Would you say that was unfair?

Yeah, how are they taking out your structure in 24 hours?

Has the sandcastle changes made it such that struc can die in 24 hours?

As for counters; yeah there is. Have your combat peeps in corp.

They do it again each timer

If your in final timer and an alliance decc you right before. They have twice the numbers you do. You supposed to be able to get assistance. That’s what the assist mechanism is for. They figured out a way for it not to work

Bottom line you should not be able to attack a structure with 30+ fleet and not be war eligible .

Where is your station and how many people do you have? . I make sure to hire double what you have and pull this stunt on you, maybe then can you understand what I’m saying

How it seems to work for structure demolition:

You declare war such that the 24 hour period the war is active covers the vulnerability window, which will be known well in advance in highsec. You will have to declare for each window, which would multiply the war cost by the number of decs, but the defender would be unable to call in any assistance, except within the tiny window between the 'dec and the HQ owning corp leaving the alliance.

I call this exploiting the rules to get around intended mechanics, unless we want to admit that CCP endorses paying extra to CONCORD to be able to wardec vulnerable corporations and alliances up to every other day without being vulnerable to wardecs yourself.