POCO Timers

Make POCO timers hackable like the new structures so you don’t ahve to burn them down to find out when they come out

I’m all for hacking in game, what’s a POCO?

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A poco is Player Owned Customs Office.

But they don’t have vulnerability windows like the new structures (do they?) so I’m not sure what op is asking for.

Um… POCOs have a set amount of time they get reinforced for. Regardless of when you shoot them.

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They are what the new structures timers were based on. The issue is you don’t know when it was set to RF until you bash it. Just seems like it should move on over to being hackable like the new structures so you can get the RF timer +/- 2 hours just the same as you can do say an Astrahus

That’s a POS

I’m pretty sure pocos still follow the old pos style mechanics.

I’m pretty sure they don’t :wink:. They have always followed their own system of reinforcement

Mind = blown.

Just change the mechanic to the same as citadel.

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^^this is exactly what I am trying to say lol. thankyou

I think this is already the plan, CCP said a while ago that POCOs would be given the Upwell treatment, and we’ve only just got refineries so they could be next.

This is why current Upwell structures start at medium size. POCOs will be a small structure.

As for current POCO mechanics, i believe the reinforcement timer is calculated as the difference between the time you put into into reinforcement and the time the POCO owner has set +24 hours.

So the reinforcement timer will always be between 24-48 hours.

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