POCO Bashing

So today I decided that my fun in EVE will be bashing POCOs ( or try to anyway )

Today I went for a trial run in 0.4, in a throw-away Incursus armed with
75mm Gattlings (3)
Antimatter charges
Mag. Field Stab
Damage Control
Multispectrum shield
S F-59 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
And a simple 1MN Afterburner.

I orbited the thing and started shooting. I took with me enough charges to reload 3 times.

The POCO shield went down to 66% but no less, shooting at it non-stop, emptying all turrets charges twice.
Funny thing is the shield actually went back up to 67% while I was shooting :thinking:
I left the location without wasting another batch of ammo.

There were three timers, two of which made sense to me but the third one not so much.
Why do I get a “suspect” timer in 0.4, like what I’m doing isn’t allowed? Isn’t attacking a player’s structure PvP? Why wouldn’t it be allowed?
Isn’t EvE a Sandbox game?

What are my chances of exploding a POCO in a Catalyst armed with Javelins at about 200 dps and 600 Alpha Strike?
Is it even possible?

I will try and find out of course ( when all the necessary skills are complete ) but I thought someone on this forum may have insight into that.

Be well.

EDIT: the website managed to bug right while I was editing the post… just my luck :roll_eyes:

Passive shield recharge (and capacitor recharge) in EVE follow a curve that increases the recharge rate until you get past (below) 25%, at which point the recharge rate goes quickly down again.

If you’re flying a shield ship with passive shield fit your shield will likely be just a bit above 25% to be stable, because past that point your shield is considered ‘broken’ and cannot handle the incoming damage per second. Similarly you want to have your capacitor to be at around or above that 25-30% point too to get optimal recharge rate for your modules.

The curve:

(From Capacitor - EVE University Wiki )

As you can see, peak recharge is at 25%.
With enough dps to get to 33%, you were pretty close but had to bring just a little bit more dps than that!

Why are you using long range low dps railguns against a stationary target?
If you want to use hybrid guns, use short range high dps blasters! Pick the ammo with maximum dps.

If you already got the shield to 66% in a railgun frigate, I bet you can break the shield in a blaster destroyer.

It may take a while though.


It is allowed within the game rules, but not within the law of the empire that controls this space. It is another players (or better: Corp’s) property, so from shooting it you will get a suspect timer so anyone can freely engage you. The other timers are probably weapon- and logoff-timers, which are more or less self-explaning, just hover over them to get a hint.

Please tell me you are an Alpha Clone. Because if you would pay Omega Sub for this, you would end up pretty high on the list of “best ways to waste your subscription time”. If you want to blow that thing up without going nuts, aim for 500dps at least and for christs sake bring a laserboat with T1 lenses, they shoot forever so you never need “ammo”.


Good question, lol. I guess it’s because I’m using railguns against NPCs and am not used to thinking Blasters.
Thank you for the suggestion on Blasters!

I’ve got time.
I fully expected to see defenders drop on grid but no one showed up. I think it’s a good way to draw out enemies instead of hunting/chasing them.

Do POCO go into some kind of state where it’s unusable if it’s damaged enough like structures?

I understand.
Although I don’t see why the empires don’t help their capsuleers in any way ( rather hinder them with CONCORD and taxes used for…? ) but will suspect them for actions against other capsuleers.

I’m Alpha clone. I plan on buying Omega for a few days at a time when I plan “actions against other capsuleers”. I don’t see the need to be Omega for 365 when I know I won’t need it constantly.


I don’t mind spending ammo/ships if I have fun doing it. Shooting at that POCO was very satisfying.
I won’t use any other ship/ammo than what Gallente use. I don’t care for lazers or Amarr ships.

As a Gallente alternative to lasers which don’t use ammo, you could use drones which also don’t use ammo.

Not that I know. They do go invulnerable at a certain moment (25% shield I think?) until a later moment after which you can continue bashing, to give the owners time to respond to your attack.

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This article might be useful and the uniwiki in general if you are not aware of it yet:


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Yes, they enter Reinforced Mode (=invulnerability) .
The reinforcement will end 24-48 hours after reinforcement, depending on the time chosen by the POCO’s owner, ±1 hour. (/from EVE Wiki)

When it comes out of reinforcement, you need to attack it again. If it regains 50% shield (either by self-recharging or the owner applying remote-shield-transfer to it), it will gain another reinforcement-timer at 25% again.

And yes, Drones are also a good option, you can use the highest-damage versions (Gallente ones) because the POCO is big and stationary, they won’t need speed or tracking to hit it.

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If only the Catalyst had a drone bay :unamused:
Of course I could try the Algos for drones but I may lose dps in the switch.
It’s worth looking into and even trying.

Invulnerability isn’t so immersive but I guess have to give the other guys a chance to save their structure.
Too bad there isn’t an invulnerability state for ships.

Btw among other places you can check zKillboard for gankalyst fits which are meant for maximum DPS (and potentially alter the fits to your current skill levels, budget and circumstances of use case, obviously you will not need a Warp Scrambler for example).



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Remind him he will need a permit to use the Aiko fit! Available for… probably 1 billion ISK.

This is not the roleplay section. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I’ve been trying to find good fits on zKill for the past month but that website isn’t user friendly and all I seem to get are the fits of the ships that were attacked, not the attackers’ ships.
I know that some of the ships that lost have some good fits but in my mind I want the winning ships’ fits, not the losers’.
But thank you for the links, I will look them over and hopefully learn something new.

2 billions now, taking into account the hyperinflation we’re all stuck with, in the game and in real life.

Look up the killer’s killboard, filter for losses and see if he lost the same ship class in the recent past (preferably multiple lossmails) and there is a good chance it was the same fit (check what weapon was used to kill and compare it to the lossmail to see if they are the same to improve the chance of it being the same fit).

You can also check EVE Workbench for fits though not sure if it is still updated and if fits are still added to it but still there are many fits on it: https://www.eveworkbench.com/

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o7 thanks for the help!

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I’ve done a simulation and right now I can get up to 435,8 dps with Blasters and I still have a buttload of relevant skills to train; Blaster/Voids are much higher in dps than with Railguns/Javelins minus the range and are better on CPU allowance.
I will definitely tackle POCO Bashing with Blasters.
Thanks to @Gerard_Amatin @Syzygium @Uriel_the_Flame for steering me right!

This will probably take forever with 500 DPS if you even can break peak recharge, not sure … my last Poco bash was a few years ago, and we were about 15 Drekavacs/Leshaks/Hecates (>10000 DPS) and it took about 15min something.



Maybe enough time to draw out some enemies for a fight. I’d go into it fully intent on losing the ship and maybe I get lucky and have time to get the POCO invulnerable enough times to eventually blow it up.
Anyway, it’s something to do. Better than spinning ships in dock or losing the ship without at least a fight.

I may invite a few volunteers to fleet on POCO bashing if it sounds good in corp chat but I won’t sweat it. I will still learn something even if I can’t blow one up ( which I seriously aim to do )

Thanks for the info, Tipa!

(Scratching my head)

Well personally I can see 8/10 more fun things to do with a combat ship in lowsec than bashing a structure.


Unlike structures, piloted ships can only be attacked when the player is logged in. As the invulnerability timer is made to allow players to respond to an attack to something that happened while they were possibly offline, ships don’t need such a thing.

Rorquals still do have something like an ‘invulnerability’ state. Not completely invulnerable, but the PANIC module raises resistances high enough to be pretty much invulnerable for a couple of minutes.