POCO Bashing

I can think of a few things as well but they’re the same things I can do in hisec except with 90% more chances of losing a ship without even a chance to fight back or even initiate the fight.

This way, I choose when and what I will do, which ship I will lose and how, plus I myself will be responsible for what happens, not anybody else.
That gives me a sense of control over my playthrough and is more likely to keep me interested and engaged in the game.

Do whatever you enjoy for whatever reason, this is meant to be a sandbox, some aspects of it still are while others were discontinued over the years.

This is a game after all so it is up to you to discover and decide what aspects of the gameplay and which playstyles you have fun doing (even to the point of making up your own in some cases) and do it while it still lasts before CCP decides to take it out of the game completely or alter it beyond recognition.

Besides fun is subjective so what is fun for one may be terrible or boring or both for someone else.

I think the best approach is to find out and stick to it until it no longer exists or becomes no longer fun, at which point you can switch to something else (if already have other fun activities) or begin the search for a new fun activity.

Good luck and fly safe o/

P.s.: Feel free to let us know how your endeavor goes. Always fun to read other people’s exploits (and share our own with others as well).

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The Sandbox part is what attracted me to EVE in the first place, it’s my favorite genre by far. I remember playing the very first GTA for days on end, not because the graphics were great but because the possibilities to do anything I wanted were there.
I dont like scripted linear story-based games.

I’m sure I will also do other things besides planning POCO bashes. I have a dozen BPOs to make some ships and modules so I will be mining. I have to increase standing with a NPC corporation to lower industry taxes which means doing missions. I have others things to do to learn more about the game, like going into Abyss and figure out what I can do there and how, I have to do some ratting & salvaging and pray for decent drops… I’m not putting blinders on and aiming only for POCOs.

Thank you, Uriel. You will know if/when I destroy a POCO :smiling_face:
Shouldn’t be long before I appear on zKill
“Yuzima stupidly lost a Catalyst in .04 to ExperiencedBlapper” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Well don’t think anyone is actively monitoring your personal killboard this is why I mentioned for you to feel free to drop a hint to check your killboard out.

Also personal anecdotes of your specific experiences and whatnot are also something you can share afterwards which your killboard will not show most of the time.

Part of the game, learn from it and carry on. Also losing ships sometimes can be just as fun as destroying them. :slight_smile:

In the end just a game so even losses are meaningless and not something to get upset about… just a bunch of space pixels. :wink:

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I’d be delusional if I did.
I watched a video on how to pick targets for PvP and zKill was one of the tools she recommended as a source of intel so my zKill will eventually be checked.

If it’s memorable you can be sure I will mention it, and the stupid stuff I would’ve done as well so we can all have a good laugh.

True, especially when it comes with good lessons to remember. That’s why I’m starting with a Catalyst. It and the modules are relatively cheap enough to not cry about losing it yet has enough power to experience something thrilling and learn in the process.
Much later, after I gain some experience and know what I’m doing I may join a corporation as Omega pilot and actually contribute instead of being a total noob that someone has to hold my hand and answer my stupid questions.

Some worth several billions of isk :flushed:

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