How to harass/take out armed engineering complexes

So I have 2 alts at my disposal. Looking to harass or remove some squatters that moved into my quiet little pocket in low sec after I took a couple months sabbatical. I am unfamiliar with the mechanics regarding this task. Like in the old days I could harass POCO’s effectively with 3 stealth bombers. Any tips for these engineering abominations?

Check if it is low power or not - it can be a decent indication of how valued it is. If low power than attempt bash in oracles… if no defender shows up you just take it out. and if they do show up - whatever, oracles are cheap. But this way you can check if they gonna do anything. If they do use it and are willing to defend it you will need a group to take it out.

Also hack it with data scanner to see when is vulnerability timer.


Thanks, really struggling to find out how to deal with the defenses. Mostly anti-capital iirc.

They do nothing w/o being manned. Which is why I said that attempting a bash at low power structure can be a good way to measure how much effort you will have to actually put to get rid of it. If you see hostiles showing up to defend it then you know the answer. If no one shows up… it will be dead


So here is what I found attacking a vulnerable Athanor: it was unmanned (of course), and I used 3 SB with polarized launchers (2 nemesis and 1 purifier for a total of about 2700 dps). Every time you activate your weapon (ie initially and after each reload), you get a 12-15 second warp disruption (assuming the structure has the appropriate module) however you can still cloak even while this effect is active. If you are using one bomber, the repair timer will count down for the duration of the warp disrupt effect which may lead to running out the timer, especially if you are interrupted during your attack by people coming into local. So with 3 SB and 95% perfect skills it took me 46 minutes without interruption to take the shields down to 0 and start the RF timer.

This is more dps than my bashing oracles xD (2.2K total, but only l4 skills)

Still, I will rotfl when I see km for citadel - “killed by bombers”. Kind of gives new meaning to bomber run :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol, we will see. Comes out of RF monday night into tuesday. Perfect time, I will be at work and my job enables me to play whilst getting paid. Lol. This is how I managed to get it into RF to begin with beginning at 05:30 eastern U.S. TZ this morning.

And thanks for the tip on the data hack to see the RF timer. This will let me much more effectively wage my SB jihad. Inshalla!

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I think it’s whenever you start agressing a structure, you get a point debuf.


Soooo these mechanics are hot garbage. You don’t need to bring a shield fleet to rep the structure, just sit someone in it, wait 15 minutes and POOF! Instant shield regen. So much for 3 toons being any sort of force. RIP.

If it’s how you say it is that’s crap. My condolences.

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It is, watched it happen last night. No reason for me to lie brother.

Yeah it’s not like that, I’m just not paying a lot of attention.

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I’ve not done it, but from what I read.

When it comes out of reinforce into the armor vulnerability (or structure if it was low power) the 15 minute timer starts.

As long as you are applying DPS it’s paused.

So if your 15 minutes late to your own party, I gets it’s shields back.

Yeah, right. I wasn’t late but they don’t have tp bring a repair fleet, just sit some ■■■ in the structure to man the guns and after 15 minutes instant shield rep. Hot garbage mechanics. Impossible for a 3 man gang to do anything. And I’m NOT joining those homos.

They can’t repair it to begin with. Remote reps can’t be used on citadels. That is why there is damage cap. You have to actually apply damage on vulnerability timer to keep it from repping (and it pauses the timer)

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I think he is just complaining about how he cannot wear down a structure by himself when it is manned with 3 polarised stealth bomber.


so you are whining and calling mechanisms “hot garbage” while

  1. you had initially no idea about how structure works (timers, etc) and were too lazy to just google it and read dev blogs etc
  2. you were unable to bring a decent fleet to shoot a big things. 3 ships is not a large number, you know
  3. defenders brought a defense fleet but you were unable to destroy their ships, but you complain because they win/you loose
    Eve’s rule is “if you are not able to defend something you own, you deserve to loose it”. They brought a defense fleet, they win.
    Instead of putting fault on game mechanisms/CCP, try to adapt, bring some friends, improve your fittings/tactics/numbers and win the fight

They didnt. They just sat in citadel for 15 minutes to undo with 1 toon what he did in 45 minutes with 3 toons.

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oh but then if offenders were too weak to destroy a one-man manned structure with no defense fleet, it is not the problem of game mechanisms, but the problem of offenders being too weak. My comment is still valid. HTFU!