A question about bashing low power structures

I read up on the changes to citadels a couple months ago, but I found them sort of unclear about how the reinforcement timers actually work besides the fact that you skip the armor timer when bashing a low power structure. So since I couldnt find clear answers I figured I would ask here. I am really looking for two things.
1- How much does a low power state reduce the defenses of a structure? Is it just that you ignore the armor layer, or are resists/hp reduced in some way?
2- if you get through the shields, how long is the timer until it is vulnerable again?

I don’t recall specifically if the Low Power mode brings lower resists (I think so) but as far as the timers, after shooting shields of a low power structure, your next timer will be based on the defensive window set by the owner. If they did not set a window it is 18:00 EVE on Saturday IIRC. There is a minimum amount of time between shield and hull based on the security level of space:

  • 0.5 days for Wormhole space
  • 2.5 days for Lowsec and Nullsec space
  • 5.5 days for Highsec space

So take the current day/time, add the minimum, and then advance the clock to the next window set by the defender and that’s when your timer will come up.

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Reduces hp by 33% and bypasses armor timer when in low-power.

Low power doesn’t seem to do anything other than let you skip the armor layer after you take the shields, resists and shield hp seem to be the same.

As noted by Krysenth, it reduces the shield HP by 33%. The resists are unchanged.

We have hit a few, powered or no. Saw the document that indicated that a structure not in low power had more shield and armor… but we didn’t notice any difference in time with the same fleet loadouts… aside from the armor cycle skip.

Removing the armor is also, functionally, a 33% reduction in total hp, so if the shield is indeed reduced as well, that is one hefty reduction… good to know.

Now excuse me, I need to go fire my event timekeeper…

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