Low power Structures

Not sure if right place to ask but just curious as to how low power structures in wormholes work. I know we can attack them nps but because they are in low power does that mean we can shoot them all the way from shield to them going boom in one sitting or is there still a timer. Asking as we are finding so many low power structures in wormholes atm and watching a low power Fortizar for the last 2 days.

There is a timer that you have to wait out, same as normal. Should be fun!

Thanks for the quick reply

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Please Check Structure traits
and you will see
“4x shield and armor hitpoint when a module is online”
so low-power will make it easier for you to rip it to Reinforced Mode
However, l-p mode also waives the first reinforcement
so in short
full power: 2 reinforcement, 4x HP shield&armor
low power: 1 reinforcement, 1x HP shield&armor
detailed explanation in
This Official Support Link


You need to scan the low power structure to find out when it’s final timer is set. Also scan to find it’s fit while you’re at it.

You will shoot through the shields and armor in one go for a low power structure. You will then be able to shoot it’s hull at it’s final timer +/- 2 hours - provided at least 12 hours have passed since the armor was destroyed.

Therefore you want to time the attack to give the defender the least amount of time possible to notice and defend.

Don’t forget hole control and to have haulers ready for any loot that drops.

how does the invulnerability gets affected if the structure get, say, reinforced right before its designated Reinforce Day?
Im not very certain about that

Okay. My idea of fun is a bit different.

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